Listener Driven Radio Adds Four to Engineering/Support Team

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Listener Driven Radio Adds Four to Engineering/Support Team

Jul 26, 2011 9:56 AM

Westlake, OH - Aug 30, 2010 - Listener Driven Radio has added four industry veterans to its engineering and support teams. The new members of the LDR team are Brian Seeders, Blake Weber, Craig Bowman and Gale Parmelee.

Brian Seeders joins the company as chief engineer and will oversee the continued development and growth of the LDR platform for radio stations. With experience in high-level software design and development, Seeders will also manage new feature development.

Blake Weber joins LDR as support engineer, and will focus on working with radio stations to easily and effectively utilize the LDR system. Weber''s prior experience includes development and implementation of support and helpdesk operations for Windstream as well as several years of experience developing software.

A veteran broadcast engineer, Craig Bowman also joins the team as a support engineer. He will support radio station automation system integration with LDR for real-time audience control of on-air systems. Bowman''s experience includes several years as a lead engineer for Scott Studios/SS32 and installation/support engineering for Prophet Systems. He has also worked as chief engineer for a number of major broadcasters as well as director of corporate engineering for Liggett Broadcasting.

Gale Parmelee, a veteran radio programmer who originally joined LDR last year has been promoted to the role of VP/programming support. Parmelee will work with LDR affiliate program directors to maximize ratings efforts using the LDR system. Parmelee will work with stations to write liners and imaging and provide support to PDs to fully exploit the system''s ability to produce PPM results.

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