Listeners Want Custom Marketing

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Listeners Want Custom Marketing

Sep 19, 2014 3:47 PM

NEW YORK�CRN International says that radio listeners are doubtful that traditional radio commercials have the desired impact and instead endorse marketing using custom content, according to the results of an online research poll conducted by the radio marketing company.

The survey sampled 525 consumers to better understanding responses to advertising techniques.

77 percent of the respondents said they are most interested in listening to useful or entertaining information about an area of interest to them, which was followed by hearing about and participating in contests or sweepstakes (11 percent). Less than 2 percent said their top choice would be traditional commercials.

Regarding how each tactic would affect consideration of a purchase decision, again custom content was the pacesetter, with 41 percent of survey respondents saying that would be the messaging form most likely to increase their purchase decision. Testimonials came in second as a purchasing influencer at 20 percent, with traditional commercials at 18 percent.

More than 80 percent of respondents said they pay little attention to radio spots, and 67 percent of the consumers said they don''t make it past the second advertisement. About one-third said they listen to most of a commercial, while two-thirds said they do not. About 19 percent of the survey group (excluding those who said they do not listen to radio) said they do not listen to radio commercials at all.

About 40 percent of the consumers said messaging that used people to endorse a product would likely increase the chances of considering or buying that product. Almost 60 percent said they would be very or somewhat receptive to considering the product of a brand that was sponsoring a contest or sweepstakes on the radio. A little more than one-quarter of the respondents said a celebrity DJ personality endorsement would positively influence their consideration of a product. A little less than one-quarter said attending a local radio station live appearance would increase their chances of considering or buying the sponsoring brand�s product.