‘Local'' DAB Multiplex Transmitters Slated for North Wales, North Yorkshire

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�Local'' DAB Multiplex Transmitters Slated for North Wales, North Yorkshire

Nov 25, 2014 2:17 PM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

LONDON�A new �local'' multiplex is scheduled to go on-air in December, serving parts of North Wales.

BBC Radio Wales and Cymru; Capital North Wales; Smooth Radio, and Nation will be available on the new multiplex, which will initially transmit from Arfon and Conwy, according to a516digital.com.

The multiplex was originally supposed to be merged with the multiplex serving North East Wales, but is now launching with its own line-up of stations. Tests have begun on VHF Block 12D.

December will also see the launch of a new multiplex covering the north Yorkshire area in the U.K. Transmitters at Billsdale, Acklam Wold and Hildebrand Barracks will carry BBC Radio York, along with Minister FM and Stray FM.

A516digital.com is also reporting that North Yorkshire multiplex operator MuxCo says it hopes "further services will join when the MXR Yorkshire multiplex closes in July 2015". (I presume this means when the mux project is finished.)

The multiplex of local DAB services will appear on VHF frequency block 10C. Once the multiplex is live, listeners must rescan their DAB digital radios to pick up the new signals.