Logitek JetStream Now Has Enco Inside

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Logitek JetStream Now Has Enco Inside

Mar 21, 2013 11:17 AM

Houston - Mar 22, 2013 - Logitek Electronic Systems and Enco have added Enco Inside within the JetStream AoIP platform. The Enco DAD audio playout and automation platform incorporated within the JetStream router gives users full operational Enco capabilities married with the AoIP routing and mixing capabilities of the JetStream platform.

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"With Enco Inside, we are essentially offering a full radio studio within a single 2 rack unit box," said Tag Borland, Logitek president. "All you need is a microphone to make it complete. Comprehensive audio management and playout are now combined with the mixing, processing and audio distribution capabilities of the JetStream, providing seamless integration between content management and audio management. This versatility is made possible through the JetStream's microprocessor-based architecture."

Enco Inside brings Enco's software products to the JetStream. The complete suite of utilities combines the functionality of list-driven playout and automation, user-defined hotkeys, content creation, distribution and management, voice tracking, scheduling and reconciliation.

Logitek's JetStream Mini is an integrated console engine and IP audio networking platform that handles console functions as well as audio networking duties throughout the station. It handles up to 128 digital or analog inputs/outputs, provides 24 mix-minus busses, incorporates profanity delay and audio processing, and provides smooth digital mixing via a variety of Logitek control surfaces.

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