Mackie Introduces Master Fader v3.0 for DL Series Mixers

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Mackie Introduces Master Fader v3.0 for DL Series Mixers

Nov 19, 2014 11:19 AM

WOODINVILLE, WASH.� Mackie says Master Fader v3.0 is now available. With massive upgrades built specifically for professional applications, Master Fader v3.0 not only offers the tools pros need for the all-new DL32R, it delivers huge benefits to any DL1608 or DL806 user.

�Master Fader is designed from the ground up for wireless mixing,� said Ben Olswang, Mackie senior product manager. �Now, with a fresh user interface that delivers faster workflow and a whole new toolset designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional live sound applications, Master Fader is better and more powerful than ever.�

Master Fader v3.0 is compatible with all DL Series mixers (DL32R, DL1608, and DL806). While some features are specific to the 32-channel DL32R, there are plenty of powerful upgrades for DL1608 and DL806 users.

New features include the addition of four subgroups and 4 VCAs. These new grouping options deliver mix management tools and can be stereo-linked and feature dedicated processing. VCAs offer flexible control over groups of channels. Users can dial in the mix and get single-fader control over groups.

Also new is the overview screen, which delivers at-a-glance information for input and output channels. Users will also benefit from the addition of digital trim to each DL1608/DL806 input.

New features also include the ability to patch any output to the DL1608/DL806 record path. Now, users can select exactly which outputs they want to record.

With Master Fader v3.0, users can now choose a color for each channel, providing immediate visual grouping for easy identification. Also added are enhanced headphone controls. Users can more easily export presets, shows and even the entire system via email, Dropbox and iTunes.

With DL32R you get even more out of Master Fader, with specific tools and features designed to effortlessly mix up to 32-channels of audio, including wireless control over multi-track direct-to-disk recording and playback.

Master Fader v3.0 is now available as a free download from the App Store. It is compatible with Mackie My Fader v3.0 but is not back compatible with v2.0.