Managing Upwards and Downwards

Your relationship with the boss shouldn't be unilateral
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Several months ago, I wrote about delegation and how to know if you can do it or not. This month, I�ll tackle another responsibility of the department head: managing up and managing down.

When I say managing down, I�m referring to the instructions, tasks, projects and advice, of course; but there are also more personal elements. You must show gratitude. Be fair. Lead by example.

On the other hand, managing upward is something that wasn�t obvious to me early on. Initially, I thought the relationship with my boss was unilateral. Aside from accomplishing the job, what else was there to do when trying to keep the boss happy?

After some time managing people, I began to realize they were doing their utmost to keep me on an even keel. My full-time job is not easy. I learned those colleagues were indeed managing me (up), even as I managed them. They took the initiative when projects or problems came up. They did their best not to load me down with issues. They showed me appreciation as well. When I learned that, I started applying the same ideas in dealing with my boss.

Even if you are the smartest engineer, you also need to be a good employee in your boss�s eyes. If not, expect to change jobs often.

We put together a great issue for you this month. The results of the 2017 Salary Survey are ready for your study. Our idea is to give you some material with which to evaluate whether your compensation is fair. If you didn�t participate, please be on the lookout next year. We need your participation!

Lee Petro and Jeremy Ruck discuss the implications of rule changes, such as the elimination of the main studio rule and changes related to MoM proofs and certifications.

As a complement to the articles about rule changes and AM revitalization, this month�s Trends in Technology takes a look at ways broadcasters can leverage their tower assets in ways other than just using them as radiators. We�re not talking just talking about STL or RPU antennas either. Some good ideas here.

Dennis Sloatman has some advice on how to prevent odd and confusing issues related to RDS. (I hate it when car dealers get involved!)

In this month�s Facility Showcase, LA 88.5 is an AAA-formatted station here in SoCal that has recently added another station to their single frequency network � for a total of three. How do they keep the mutual interference to a minimum over the greater Los Angeles basin? I�m not giving any clues. It�s a great read.

And on our honored last page, the Wandering Engineer introduces the concept of CRM � customer relationship management. The thing is, there�s nothing new about CRM. Radio�s been doing it for years. What�s old is new again (like Millennials discovering TV antennas).


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