Marketron and Jelli Partner on Radio's First Integrated Supply Side Platform

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Marketron and Jelli Partner on Radio's First Integrated Supply Side Platform

Apr 3, 2014 6:24 AM

HAILEY, ID/SAN MATEO, CA - Apr 3, 2014 - Marketron and Jelli announced today the planned integration of the Jelli RadioSpot Ad Server with Marketron's Mediascape open platform. The partnership will allow stations to manage the sale of inventory directly to programmatic buyers from within the Marketron's interface. As part of the agreement, Marketron will license Jelli's RadioSpot Supply API to enable Marketron's Mediascape open platform to programmatically price, package and sell inventory through RadioSpot.

The integration marks the first time a programmatic platform for broadcast radio advertising has been directly connected via APIs to a leading radio traffic system, accessible through a Web-based open platform. By pairing the real-time ad serving and reporting capabilities of the RadioSpot Ad Server with the Mediascape platform, Jelli and Marketron are creating a supply-side platform that will ultimately increase revenue opportunities for radio stations by making it easier for advertisers to buy and run ads.

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