Maxell Reorganizes Staff, Publishes Booklets

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Maxell Reorganizes Staff, Publishes Booklets

Apr 30, 2002 12:00 PM

Las Vegas - Apr 8, 2002 - Maxell has reorganized its engineering and product development staff into the Maxell Technical Marketing Support Group to help customers navigate the increasingly complex array of blank media choices available to them.

The group consists of three engineering professionals, each with specialties in magnetic or optical media, and charged with supervising Maxell's telephone and on-line customer service resources, developing and publishing brochures and other explanatory documents and periodically meeting directly with customers to explain new technologies and formats.

The company has also recently published a care and handling booklet for its professional and broadcast magnetic media products, as well as a white paper and frequently asked questions document on the various available forms of DVD. The Care and Handling of Magnetic Media is a 15-page guide that covers 18 topics, including storage and archiving, stray magnetic fields and temperature considerations. The DVD documents explore the development of DVD technology and outlines the various format differences.

DK-Audio Open U.S. and German Offices
Copenhagen - Apr 29, 2002 - Danish metering company DK-Audio has opened two new sales offices, one in the U.S. and one in Germany, to capitalize on the sales potential in these markets. In the U.S., DK-Audio's existing distribution deals with TC-Electronic and Leader Instruments will continue, while the new offices will expand distribution of the company's products further. In Germany, Audio Export G.Neumann, which has been DK-Audio's German distributor for several years, will continue to handle the company's range of audio metering products.