Michigan Engineers Honored with 2012 MAB Engineering Excellence Award

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Michigan Engineers Honored with 2012 MAB Engineering Excellence Award

Mar 15, 2012 2:52 PM

Lansing, MI - Mar 15, 2012 - The Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) presented its most prestigious engineering award to a pair of Michigan broadcasters who, combined, have served in the industry for nearly nine decades. The Carl E. Lee Broadcast Engineering Excellence Awards were presented during the Engineering Luncheon at the MAB's annual Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference and Expo (GLBC) held March 14, 2012, at The Lansing Center in downtown Lansing.

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Radio Winner: David E. Gale
Staff Engineer, Cornerstone University Radio
Grand Rapids, MI

David E. Gale is a staff engineer at Cornerstone University Radio, a position he has held since 2000. He received a bachelor's degree in broadcast engineering from Central Michigan University.

Before beginning his commercial broadcast career Gale was drafted by and worked for the Armed Forces Radio Network during the Vietnam War. Upon his return, he set to work helping to build several radio stations across Michigan earning the respect of his peers and of the inspectors at the FCC.

While Gale began his career with mercury vapor tubes, he has embraced the emergence of new technology and has readily used it to upgrade and improve his station. For this reason and so many more, Gale is being awarded the 2012 Carl E. Lee Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award for Radio.

Television Winner: Michael E. Winsky
Chief Engineer, WILX-TV
Lansing, MI

Michael E. Winsky is the chief engineer of WILX-TV, Lansing. He has more than 38 years experience in the field of broadcast engineering and has been a vital component in developing the television market in the Lansing DMA. He received an associate of science degree in electronic engineering from Lansing Community College (LCC).

His many accomplishments in the field of television engineering include building two of Lansing's television station WSYM-TV and WLAJ-TV. His expertise is recognized throughout the state donating countless hours serving on the MAB Engineering Committee planning many GLBCs, SBE, the State of the State, and improving broadcast engineering knowledge across the state. Additionally, Winsky helped to develop the Broadcast Program at his alma mater LCC.

Winsky's unselfish dissemination of his technical knowledge his demonstrated leadership in broadcast engineering affairs across the state is why he was chosen at the 2012 Carl E. Lee Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award Recipient for Television.