Minnetonka Audio Updates Audio Tools AWE

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Minnetonka Audio Updates Audio Tools AWE

May 15, 2008 5:10 PM

Minnetonka, MN - May 14, 2008 - The latest version of Audio Tools AWE v1.4 includes new key audio formats for conversion and many new feature enhancements. Building on the successful release of Audio Tools AWE 1.3 by adding MP3 and SD II support, 1.4 will add the following file formats and feature enhancements:

  • AU file support, reading and writing PCM, uLaw, and aLaw AU files that produce 8-bit encoded data.
  • W64 file support.
  • Intelligent file handling on Folder Drop. Stereo or surround sets of discreet mono files in the same folder that follow AWE channel identification filenames automatically create Channel Groups.
  • Optimized parsing of MP3 files for playback. A metadata file is generated for each MP3 file selected for playback.

Audio Tools AWE, the automated audio workflow engine for editing, format conversion, encoding, plug-in processing and processing through external I/O devices, can process thousands of files in a single job. Processing chains can be auditioned and saved as templates. Hot Folders automatically apply a complete processing workflow to any files placed in them. Hot Folders and advanced job management fea�tures include a Job Queue that manages any number of sequential jobs, robust failure recov�ery, and job logs.