Mississippi Stations Find New Way to Send Emergency Alerts

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Mississippi Stations Find New Way to Send Emergency Alerts

Sep 28, 2006 1:15 PM

Dallas - Sep 20, 2006 - With help from the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security, 30 Mississippi radio stations have installed Global Security Systems' First Alert System to deliver emergency alerts and enhanced RDS data to first responders and listeners. The First Alert System uses a station's existing FM infrastructure to provide a consistent, open communications channel. GSS developed the single point-to-multipoint messaging system to provide redundant distribution of emergency alert messages in the event that other modes of communication become ineffective. The system uses a commercial FM receiver chip that can be inserted into smoke detectors, pagers, cell phones and PDAs to provide information during emergency situations.

"GSS is able to provide the necessary equipment free to local broadcasters not only in Mississippi, but across the country," said Roberty Adams, president of GSS. "Once installed, the system works seamlessly, requiring little or no maintenance or attention."

The system is fully compatible with the new RDS standard adopted at the June RDS Forum.