Monroe Electronics and Digital Alert Systems Merge

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Monroe Electronics and Digital Alert Systems Merge

Oct 22, 2009 12:23 PM

Lyndonville, NY - Oct 21, 2009 - Monroe Electronics and Digital Alert Systems (DAS), both providers of enhanced emergency alert system (EAS) products, will merge. Under the terms of the merger, DAS will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Monroe.

DAS's flagship Dasdec platform is a CAP-compatible EAS encoder/decoder that affords the benefits of Internet and LAN-based communications while maintaining compatibility with current EAS protocol, thus bridging the gap between today's installed base and the emergency communications of tomorrow. Monroe, in business since 1954, is a provider of EAS systems for CATV and campus communications markets along with electrostatic measuring and cue tone switching devices.

The merger will enable DAS to focus on direct sales, marketing, and customer service with Monroe handling manufacturing and development. The two companies already have an established track record of close cooperation, with Monroe having been the exclusive cable and IPTV marketing licensee for the Dasdec system. Monroe, meanwhile, gains an expanded EAS product portfolio that adds the radio-television broadcast and emergency operations center (EOC) markets to its potential customer base.

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