More DAB+ Plans for Italian Broadcasters

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More DAB+ Plans for Italian Broadcasters

Dec 30, 2014 10:33 AM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

ROME�AGCOM, the Italian Media regulator, has published preliminary plans for the deployment of DAB+ national and regional networks throughout the country, reports The initial plans cover the Italian provinces of Turin, Cuneo, Aosta Valley, and Umbria. In those 4 areas, stations will all be heard on the same channels: for public broadcaster RAI, it will be 12B; for Euro DAB, it will be 12A; for Club DAB, it will be 12C.

Currently, DAB+ is heard in the Trentino-Alto Aldige area, and around Rome. Stations available include NBC Rete Regione, Radio Dolomiti, S�dtirol 1, Radio Tirol, Tele Radio Stereo and Radio Subasio.

Local stations will soon start broadcasting on DAB+ in the Aosta Valley province on channel 12D. In Turin, Cuneo, and Umbria, channels 10A and 12D are reserved. If AGCOM''s plans meet with approval, DAB+ transmissions should start in those areas in 2015.