Morris Returns to Soundcraft, Joins Studer

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Morris Returns to Soundcraft, Joins Studer

Mar 7, 2008 10:15 AM

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Northridge, CA - Mar 6, 2008 - Harman Pro North America (HPNA) has expanded its support personnel by appointing Shane Morris as principal engineer for Soundcraft and Studer's digital console offerings. Although Morris is primarily tasked with providing technical sales, engineering and support for sound reinforcement customers using Soundcraft Vi Series and Studer Vista Series consoles, he also serves as a resource for both brands' broadcast client base.

Morris started his career in his native Australia designing and building mixing consoles and power amplifiers. Upon moving to the UK in 1978, he accepted a position with Soundcraft, then in London, as international service manager, eventually relocating to Los Angeles to accept the role of technical manager for Soundcraft USA during the early Eighties in Santa Monica. Following his tenure there, Morris spent a short time with Apogee Digital Electronics in L.A. before returning to Australia where he supported the newly formed Fairlight ESP digital audio workstation. Having also designed products for Audio Analysts and ATI over the years, Morris most recently was employed as a U.S. technical sales and support engineer for Digico.