Music 1 Debuts Network Hub

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Music 1 Debuts Network Hub

Jul 17, 2014 2:08 PM

Music 1 CEO Steve Warren announces expanded functionality in the company's flagship music, traffic and billing software that provides an advanced scheduling tool enabling any company or individual to set up an unwired network and to efficiently provide professionally curated and scheduled content to affiliates.

With the new system, affiliate stations using M1's "Traffecta" traffic and billing software can import content scheduled at the network hub into their local commercial logs. The network's pre-scheduled music, spots, imaging and other content are imported and populated around the affiliate's local commercial schedule. The fully merged playlist file is then delivered to the station's automation system. The system works with all playout systems.

Local stations have the flexibility to filter material imported from the network's pre-scheduled playlists. For example, if the network playlist includes music, voice tracks, jingles and promos, one affiliate might import only the music and jingles, another affiliate may choose to import the music and promos, while another affiliate might import only the music schedule leaving out all other content.

The network's scheduled commercials may be broadcast as stand-alone breaks or included in the affiliate's local commercial clusters.

After the network playlist is imported, affiliate stations may edit and manipulate the merged schedule before delivering it to the automation system.