Music Master Celebrates 25 Years

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Music Master Celebrates 25 Years

Jan 9, 2008 10:00 AM

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Waukesha, WI - Jan 8, 2008 - Since the first music log was run for Steve Schram at WZZU-FM Milwaukee in 1983, founder Joe Knapp's music scheduling software has been known as Revolve, Music Scan and, since 1995, Music Master. 2008 marks the software's 25th year of operation and service to broadcasters worldwide.

The Windows version of Music Master, officially launched in January 2004, has now crossed a new benchmark as well with more than 2,500 users in radio, television and online.

Music Master is a product of A-Ware Software. On the anniversary, Joe Knapp, president and founder, noted that the first software versions were written using Ohio Scientific and Radio Shack TRS-80 computers -- a far cry from the Windows operating system that the software uses today.