NAB Announces 2010 Marconi Radio Award Finalists

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NAB Announces 2010 Marconi Radio Award Finalists

Jul 20, 2010 9:23 AM

NAB Announces 2010 Marconi Radio Award Finalists Washington, DC - Jul 19, 2010 - The National Association of Broadcasters announced the finalists for the 2010 NAB Marconi Radio Awards honoring radio stations and on-air personalities for excellence in broadcasting. The winners will be announced on Sept. 30 at the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner and Show held during the 2010 Radio Show in Washington, DC.

Legendary Station
KBCO-FM, Denver
KSHE-FM, St. Louis
KSL-AM, Salt Lake City
WBZ-AM, Boston
WTOP-FM, Washington, DC

Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year
Bob and Tom, Premiere Radio Networks
Dr. Laura, Take On the Day
Steve Harvey, Premiere Radio Networks
Tom Joyner, Reach Media
Scott Shannon, Citadel Media

Major Market Personality of the Year
Dean and The Morning Team, KLUV-FM, Dallas
Dunham, Miller & Keith, KTCK-AM, Dallas
Gene and Julie, KVIL-FM, Dallas
Ronn Owens, KGO-AM, San Francisco
Pierre Robert, WMMR-FM, Philadelphia

Large Market Personality of the Year
Drew and Mike in the Morning, WRIF-FM, Detroit
Mike Rosen, KOA-AM, Denver
Mike Trivisonno, WTAM-AM, Cleveland
Susan Wise, WLYF-FM, Miami
Doug Wright, KSL-AM, Salt Lake City

Medium Market Personality of the Year
Brian Gary and Todd Harding, "The Good Morning Guys," KUAD-FM, Windsor, CO
Scott Innes, WYNK-FM, Baton Rouge
Brent Johnson, WTCB-FM, Columbia, SC
Mornings with Tony Lynn & Myles, KBQI-FM, Albuquerque
Kelly Mac, WJMZ-FM, Greenville

Small Market Personality of the Year
Cathy Blythe, KFOR-AM, Lincoln, NE
Leo Greco, WMT-AM, Cedar Rapids, IA
Todd Haugen and Mardy Karger, KBHP-FM, Bemidji, MN
Cyril [Bub] McCullough, WMCI-FM, Mattoon-Charleston, IL
Will Payne and Barry Diamond, KITX-FM, Hugo, OK

Spanish Personality of the Year
Rosie del Valle, WNWZ-AM, Grand Rapids, MI
Rafael Orlando, WYUS-AM, Milford, DE
Omar Ramos, WPPN-FM, Chicago
Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo, KSCA-FM, Los Angeles
Claudia Torrescano, KFLC-AM, Dallas

Major Market Station of the Year
KCBS-AM, San Francisco
KHKS-FM, Dallas
KIIS-FM, Los Angeles
WBBM-AM, Chicago
WTOP-FM, Washington, DC

Large Market Station of the Year
KSFI-FM, Salt Lake City
KSTP-FM, Minneapolis
KUBL-FM, Salt Lake City
KYGO-FM, Denver
WRBQ-FM, Tampa Bay

Medium Market Station of the Year
KKOB-AM, Albuquerque
KLRC-FM, Siloam Springs, AR
KXTD-AM, Tulsa, OK
WKHK-FM, Richmond, VA
WXST-FM, Charleston, SC

Small Market Station of the Year
KFGO-AM, Fargo, ND
KGMI-AM, Bellingham, WA
WCNL-AM, Newport, NH
WFRE-FM, Frederick, MD

AC Station of the Year
KKHJ-FM, Pago Pago, American Samoa
KSTP-FM, Minneapolis
WLYF-FM, Miami
WMJX-FM, Boston
WTCB-FM, Columbia, SC

CHR Station of the Year
KDWB-FM, Minneapolis
KHKS-FM, Dallas
KIIS-FM, Los Angeles
KJYO-FM, Oklahoma City
WNKS-FM, Charlotte

Country Station of the Year
KMPS-FM, Seattle
KSON-FM, San Diego
KUBL-FM, Salt Lake City
WFMS-FM, Indianapolis
WKHK-FM, Richmond, VA

News/Talk Station of the Year
KBOI-AM, Boise
KGO-AM, San Francisco
KOA-AM, Denver
WIBC-FM, Indianapolis
WTOP-FM, Washington, DC

Oldies Station of the Year
KKLZ-FM, Las Vegas
KLUV-FM, Dallas
WCBS-FM, New York
WCRE-AM, Cheraw, SC

Religious Station of the Year
KFSH-FM, Los Angeles
KSBJ-FM, Houston
WFMV-FM, Columbia, SC
WLIB-AM, New York City
WMIT-FM, Black Mountain, NC

Rock Station of the Year
KBZT-FM, San Diego
KDGE-FM, Dallas
KROX-FM, Austin
WAAF-FM, Boston
WMMR-FM, Philadelphia

Spanish Station of the Year
KLMG-FM, Sacramento
KLNO-FM, Dallas
KLNZ-FM, Phoenix
KXTD-AM, Tulsa, OK
WOJO-FM, Chicago

Sports Station of the Year
KBUN-AM, Bemidji, MN
KOZN-AM, Omaha, NE
WAXY-AM, Miami
WFAN-AM, New York City
WXYT-FM, Detroit

Urban Station of the Year
KMJM-FM, St. Louis
WBHK-FM, Birmingham
WBLS-FM, New York City
WHUR-FM, Washington, DC
WVEE-FM, Atlanta

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