NAB Engineering Achievement Award Winners

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NAB Engineering Achievement Award Winners

Feb 25, 2014 2:00 PM

The National Association of Broadcasters established the NAB Engineering Achievement Award in 1959 to recognize an individual's accomplishments and contributions to the broadcast industry. Award winners are recognized as pioneers, innovators and leaders in the field of broadcast engineering. Following is a list of all the award winners since the award's creation.

Year���Recipient1959���� John T. Wilner; vice president of engineering; Hearst Corporation; Baltimore, MD1960���� Commissioner T. A. M. Craven; Federal Communications Commission; Washington, DC1961���� Raymond F. Guy; Consultant.1962���� Ralph N. Harmon; vice president for engineering; Westinghouse Broadcasting; New York, NY1963���� Dr. George R. Town; dean of engineering; Iowa State University; Ames, IA1964���� John H. DeWitt Jr.; president; WSM; Nashville, TN1965���� Edward W. Allen Jr.; chief engineer; Federal Communications Commission; Washington, DC1966���� Carl J. Meyers; senior vice president and director of engineering; WGN Continental Broadcasting; Chicago, IL1967���� Robert M. Morris; staff consultant, engineering department; American Broadcasting Company; New York, New York.1968���� Howard A. Chinn; director, general engineering; CBS Television Network; New York, NY1969���� Jarrett L. Hathaway; senior project engineer; NBC Television Network; New York, NY1970���� Philip Whitney; general manager; WINC; Winchester, VA; and supervisory engineer for Richard F. Lewis radio stations1971���� Benjamin Wolfe; vice president-engineering; Post-Newsweek Stations; Washington, DC1972���� John M. Sherman; director of engineering; WCCO; Minneapolis, MN1973���� A. James Ebel; president and general manager; KOLN-TV; Lincoln, NE1974���� Joseph B. Epperson; vice president-engineering; Scripps-Howard Broadcasting; Cleveland, OH1975���� John D. Silva; Director; research and development; Golden West Broadcasters; Los Angeles; CA1976���� Dr. Frank G. Kear; consulting engineer; Washington, DC1977���� Daniel H. Smith; senior vice president for engineering; Capital Cities Communications; Philadelphia, PA1978���� John A. Moseley; president; Moseley Associates; Goleta, CA1979���� Robert W. Flanders; vice president and director of engineering; McGraw-Hill Broadcasting; Indianapolis, IN1980���� James D. Parker; staff consultant, telecommunications; CBS Television Network; New York, NY1981���� Wallace E. Johnson; executive director; Association for Broadcast Engineering Standards; Washington, DC1982���� Julius Barnathan; president, broadcast operations and engineering; American Broadcasting Companies; New York, NY1983���� Joseph Flaherty; vice president, technology; CBS; New York, NY1984���� Otis S. Freeman; vice president and director of engineering; WPIX, Tribune Broadcasting; New York, NY1985���� Carl E. Smith; president, Smith Electronics, Cleveland, OH1986���� Dr. George Brown; RCA Laboratories; Princeton, NJ1987���� Renville H. McMann; CBS Technology Center; Stamford, CT1988���� Jules Cohen; Jules Cohen and Associates; Washington, DC1989���� William Connolly; president; Sony Advanced Systems; Montvale, NJ1990���� Hilmer Swanson; senior staff scientist; Harris, Broadcast Division; Quincy, IL1991���� George Marti; president and CEO; Marti Electronics; Cleburne, TX (Radio)
� Kerns Powers; David Sarnoff and NBC consultant; Princeton; NJ (Television)1992���� Edward Edison and Robert L. Hammett (D); Hammett and Edison; San Francisco, CA (Radio)
� James C. McKinney; chairman; Advanced Television Systems Committee; Washington, DC (Television)1993���� Stanley N. Baron, managing director, technical development; NBC; New York, NY(TV)
� Herb H. Schubarth; vice president of engineering; Gannett Broadcasting; Denver, CO (Engineering Service)
� Robert M. Silliman; Silliman and Silliman; Silver Spring, MD (Radio)(D)1994���� Thomas J. Vaughan; president; Pesa Micro Communications; Manchester, NH (TV)
� Charles T. Morgan; vice president and director of engineering; Susquehanna Radio; York, PA (Radio)1995���� Carl G. Eilers; manager of electronic systems R&D; Zenith Electronics; Glenview, IL (TV)
� Robert Orban, chief engineer, AKG Acoustics; San Leandro, CA (Radio)1996���� Ogden Prestholdt; A.D. Ring and Associates; Nakomis, FL (Radio)(D)
� Charles Rhodes, Advanced Television Test Center, Alexandria, VA (TV)
� Gerald Robinson, Hearst Broadcasting, Milwaukee, WI (Service to Broadcast Engineering)1997���� George Jacobs; George Jacobs and Associates; Silver Spring, MD (Radio)
� Michael Sherlock; NBC; New York, NY (Television)1998���� John Battison, P.E.; consultant; Loudonville, OH (Radio)
� Robert Hopkins, Sony Pictures High Definition Center, Culver City, CA (Television)1999���� Geoffrey Mendenhall, P.E.; Harris; Quincy, IL (Radio)
� John Turner, Turner Engineering, Mountain Lakes, NJ (Television)2000���� Michael Dorrough; Dorrough Electronics; Woodland Hills, CA (Radio)
� Max Berry; Capital Cities/ABC (retired); Elkins Park, PA (Television)2001���� Arno Meyer; Belar Electronics Laboratory; Devon, PA (Radio)
� Larry Thorpe; Sony Electronics; Park Ridge, NJ (Television)2002���� Paul Schafer; Schafer International; Bonita, CA (Radio)
� Bernard Lechner; consultant; Princeton, NJ (Television)2003���� John W. Reiser; FCC (Retired); Mt. Vernon, VA (Radio)
� Robert P. Eckert; FCC; Washington, DC (Television)2004���� Ira Goldstone; Tribune Broadcasting; Los Angeles, CA (Television)
� E. Glynn Walden; Infinity Broadcasting; New York, NY (Radio)2005���� Oded Bendov; TV Transmission Antenna Group; Cherry Hill, NJ (Television)
� Milford Smith; Greater Media; East Brunswick, NJ (Radio)2006���� Benjamin Dawson; Hatfield and Dawson; Seattle, WA; Ronald Rackley; du Treil, Lundin and Rackley; Sarasota FL (Radio)
� S. Merrill Weiss; Merrill Weiss Group; Metuchen, NJ (Television)2007���� Victor Tawil; Association for Maximum Service Television; Washington, DC (Television)
� Louis A. King; Kintronic Laboratories; Bristol, TN (Radio)2008���� Thomas B. Silliman; president of Electronics Research Incorporated (ERI); Chandler, IN (Radio)
� Antoon (Tony) Uyttendaele; ABC senior advisor of science and technology (Television)2009���� Jack Sellmeyer; Sellmeyer Engineering; McKinney, TX (Radio)
� Sterling Davis; vice president, engineering, Cox Broadcasting; Atlanta, GA (Television)2010���� Steve Church; founder/CEO, Telos Systems; Cleveland, OH (Radio)
� Mark Richer; president, ATSC; Washington, DC (Television)2011���� L. Robert du Treil; former owner/president, du Treil, Lundin & Rackley (Radio)
� Thomas B. Keller; president, T. Keller Corporation (Television)2012���� Paul Brenner; Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer; Emmis Communications; Indianapolis (Radio)
� Glenn Reitmeier; Senior Vice President, Technology Strategy and Policy; NBC Universal; New York (Television)2013���� Frank Foti; CEO; Telos Alliance; Cleveland (Radio)
� Jay Adrick; Vice President, Broadcast Technology; Harris; Cincinnati (Television)
� Leonard Charles; Director of Engineering, Midwest; Morgan Murphy Media; Madison, WI (Service to Broadcast Engineering Award)2014���� Jeff Littlejohn; EVP Engineering and Systems Integration; Clear Channel Media and Entertainment; Cincinnati (Radio)
� Bob Seidel; VP Engineering and Advanced Technology; CBS; New York (Television)

Note: (D) indicates that the recipient was deceased when the award was presented.