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NAB Insider from Radio magazine - Mar 17, 2009

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  • Dave Ramsey to Keynote NAB Show Radio Luncheon
  • Ito to Keynote NAB Technology Luncheon
  • Sonifex RB-TGHD
  • ERI-Electronics Research HJ4-50, HJ5-50, HJ9-50
  • Anchor Audio Communications/Portaco Xtreme
  • Abacast Royalty Reporting
  • How well do you know your Vegas history?
  • Sellmeyer and Davis to Receive 2009 NAB Engineering Achievement Awards
  • NABEF Appoints New Directors
  • AEQ Titan
  • Tascam DR-100
  • Dielectric 1.4GHz Antenna
  • Middle Atlantic Products ASP-OWP
  • Top sessions: Reasons you should attend the 2009 NAB Show
  • Wireworks BG Cable Assemblies
  • Netia Digital Audio U-Share
  • Axel Technology DML-Audio
  • RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten 10500X-Plus
  • Las Vegas shows during the 2009 NAB Show
  • How did you do?
    News from the ConventionDave Ramsey to Keynote NAB Show Radio Luncheon
    Washington, DC - Jan 13, 2009 - Dave Ramsey, money management expert and host of the nationally syndicated radio program The Dave Ramsey Show, will deliver a keynote address at the NAB Show Radio Luncheon, held April 21 in Las Vegas. During the luncheon, Ramsey will discuss the financial challenges faced by his listeners, and what radio broadcasters can do to relate to their audiences in the current economic climate.The Dave Ramsey Show is heard on more than 375 stations, with more than four million listeners tuning in each week to hear Ramsey's advice on work and relationships, and how each of these elements tie into financial stability.The author of three New York Times Best Sellers (The Total Money Makeover, Financial Peace and More than Enough), Ramsey has dedicated his career to teaching people how to improve their financial situation and give generously to others. His extensive collection of books also includes a children's series that instills positive messages about the importance of working, saving and giving. In addition to his written works, Ramsey created Financial Peace University (FPU), a 13-week program that has helped more than 750,000 families learn new financial behaviors that are founded on commitment and accountability.Ito to Keynote NAB Technology Luncheon
    Washington, DC - Feb 2, 2009 - Digital media research scientist Mimi Ito will keynote the NAB Show Technology Luncheon, exploring how people use new digital media and mobile technologies in their everyday lives. The Luncheon will be held April 22 in Las Vegas.As a research scientist and cultural anthropologist, Ito primarily focuses on how children and young adults use communications technologies to establish and build relationships. She has studied a wide range of new media practices, from the production, distribution and marketing practices of children's software to the cultural effects of online gaming, social communities and other forms of digital media.Ito has worked on a variety of research projects, including the recently completed study titled Kids' Informal Learning with Digital Media, a three-year project examining how new media and digital technologies change the way children learn, play, socialize and participate in everyday life. She also coordinated 24/7: A DIY Video Summit, an Internet video event that taught amateur video makers about digital and online video production and Internet distribution.As an author, Ito co-edited Personal, Portable, Pedestrian: Mobile Phones in Japanese Life and co-wrote Networked Publics, a study of how social networking technologies transform the way people interact in day-to-day situations. She holds two doctorates from Stanford University in education and anthropology, and is currently a research scientist at the Institute for Multimedia Literacy (University of Southern California). Prior to this position, Ito worked for the Institute for Research and Learning, Xerox PARC, Tokyo University, the National Institute for Educational Research in Japan and Apple Computer.Exhibitor ExtraSonifex RB-TGHD
    Multi-channel BLITS tone generator
    The RB-TGHD is an 8-channel audio tone generator with line identification for multi-channel audio systems, including BLITS 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. By using a wide range of industry standard tone sequences, channel identification and associated levels can be determined easily. Correct channel configuration in fold-down mixes can also be highlighted when a broadcaster needs to mix several audio channels into a stereo feed. Available tone sequences include EBU R49, GLITS and BLITS stereo line-up, EBU R49 and BLITS channel identification and a standard Phase check. The RB-TGHD caters for 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-channel configurations and all of the available audio tone sequences for each channel configuration can be cycled through automatically, or selected manually. A loop mode allows patterns of tones to be repeated. A bank of four pushbuttons on the front panel sets these options and the associated LEDs indicate the current setting. A set of eight LEDs on the front panel indicate audio presence for each output channel.ERI-Electronics Research HJ4-50, HJ5-50, HJ9-50
    Heliax connectors
    ERI expands its line of air Heliax coaxial cable connectors with the introduction of an HJ4-50 (1/2" cable) to 7/8" EIA connector, HJ5-50 (7/8" cable) to 7/8" EIA connector, and HJ9-50 (5" cable to 6" EIA connector. With these additions, ERI now offers the full range of broadcast connectors for Heliax air-dielectric coaxial cable. ERI maintains a 30,000-square-foot stock area housing an inventory of standard components and accessories for coaxial cable and rigid transmission line systems. In cases of emergency, these items can generally be ordered for next day delivery to any transmission facility within the United States.Anchor Audio Communications/ Portaco Xtreme
    Sound system packages
    Xtreme is one of Anchor's loudest portable sound systems. The two wireless microphones allow you to roam the venue with clear sound. Press conferences, sporting events, graduations, or theatre productions, it doesn't matter where you take this powerful sound system.Abacast Royalty Reporting
    Performance reporting tool
    Abacast's Performance Reporting Tool will generate reports that meet and exceed the Sound Exchange guidelines for the Copyright Royalty Board with almost no additional work for the broadcaster. The report data is ready in real-time so there is no need to wait around for your results. Alerts can also be sent to the broadcaster based on certain thresholds to keep the broadcaster informed of any audience changes. The Performance Reporting Tool can be used with any radio automation system, music selection scheduling system files, and/or manual entry of now playing data to produces consistent results. The reporting is all done automatically. The reporting tool can be used by any webcaster or broadcaster regardless of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) they use. The reports are only made available to the webcasters or broadcasters for their own uses.Do You Know?How well do you know your Vegas history?
    Place the following events in historical order (1829 to 1959):
  • Clark County buys Alamo Air Field and opens first airport, later called McCarran International Airport
  • Bugsy Siegel opens Flamingo Hotel
  • Archibald Stewart murdered at Kiel Ranch - first Las Vegas murder � unresolved
  • First atomic test detonated at the NTS
  • First telephone wires installed in Las Vegas
  • First airplane lands in Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas Convention Center opens.
  • The Spanish Scout Rafael Riviera becomes the first European in the Las Vegas Valley
  • The Sahara Hotel and Casino opens
  • The Majestic Theater opens
  • Hoover Dam construction begins in Black Canyon
  • Liberace makes his Las Vegas debut
  • Nevada is admitted to the Union by President Lincoln
  • Gambling legalized in Nevada
  • Town of Las Vegas established with the opening of the Salt Lake, San Pedro and Los Angeles Railroad
    IndustrySellmeyer and Davis to Receive 2009 NAB Engineering Achievement Awards
    Washington - Feb 18, 2009 - The NAB presents its Radio and Television Engineering Achievement Awards each year at the NAB Show. The awards, first established in 1959, are given to individuals for their significant contributions which have advanced the state of the art of broadcast engineering. This year's winners, Jack Sellmeyer (radio) and Sterling Davis (television) will be honored at the Technology Luncheon on April 22 in the Barron Room of the Las Vegas Hilton.Radio Engineering Achievement Award Winner Jack Sellmeyer
    Jack Sellmeyer, CPBE, is a professional engineer and principal engineer for Sellmeyer Engineering, broadcast engineering consultants. He has spent his 50-year career devoted to the development of radio engineering. He is the consummate radio broadcast engineer, who began his career working in radio stations then moving to the manufacturing side of the business designing products for the radio industry. He then combined these aspects of his career to become a consulting engineer handling all aspects of radio engineering from FCC applications to transmitter plant design and construction supervision, broadcast studio facilities planning and construction and AM directional antenna design and adjustment and measurements.Sellmeyer began working in broadcasting while in high school and his first position was as a board operator and transmitter operator for KPBM radio in Carlsbad, New Mexico. He received a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Arizona State University in 1965. By that time, he had overseen the construction of an addition to the studio/transmitter building, construction of new studios and the installation of a new 5kW transmitter for station KGRT in Las Cruces, NM, and served as chief engineer at station KRUX in Glendale, AZ, among various other pursuits.While at the Gates Radio division of Harris Intertype, he was a senior design engineer of FM products. He developed a new modulator and automatic frequency control module for the TE-1 solid-state FM exciter to correct frequency stability problems. He worked for the Collins Radio Division of Rockwell International as senior engineer in FM exciters and on the 5kW and 1kW pulse-width modulated transmitters. Sellmeyer worked with Forest Cummings to design low-level solid-state circuit boards used in the Collins 828E-1 pulse-width-modulated 5kW AM transmitter. Collins received three patents on technology used in this transmitter and he was listed as co-inventor on the patent covering automatic modulation sensitivity control.In November of 1980, when Collins closed its doors, he formed Sellmeyer Engineering. He has lectured at and helped the NAB organize NAB technical seminars and workshops dealing with AM directional antennas and he has published numerous articles. Jack is a member of a number of industry professional societies including the AFCCE, the IEEE, the NSPE, the SBE and the TSPE.TV Engineering Achievement Award Winner Sterling Davis
    Sterling Davis is vice president, engineering for Cox Broadcasting, a veteran with more than 40 years of broadcasting experience. He has been involved with every step of TV engineering, from production to distribution, and has been a prime force in helping to move the television and radio industry into the digital age. He has demonstrated his ability to successfully balance his energy and drive to reach organizational goals, with the necessary diplomacy required to build consensus across a variety of represented businesses and organizations.Davis began his broadcasting career as an audio engineer for the ABC network and was then with KTTV in Los Angeles, California for five years. Following three years as operations manager for the Vidtronics Company, he returned to Metrotape (KTTV) as chief engineer responsible for operational and production responsibilities for six network sitcoms per week.In early 1978 he became vice president, operations, for one of the original post-production houses in Hollywood -- the Vidtronics Company division of Technicolor. Later in 1978 he joined Telemation Productions in Seattle, where as chief engineer he designed and rebuilt their facility. In 1982 he joined Cox Broadcasting's VU in Oakland as director of operations, managing all aspects of engineering and production including ENG, editing, and traffic. He also began producing and was the executive producer for the MDA and Easter Seal Telethons, Giants' Baseball, and the Chinese New Year''s Parade. Promoted in 1998 to vice president of engineering for Cox Broadcasting in Atlanta, he assumed responsibility for 15 television and 80 radio stations.Along with the daily responsibilities of overseeing engineering for Cox, he holds the leadership role of key decision maker in advancing the group towards file-based newsgathering as well as automated news production. He also is responsible for shepherding Cox's transition to digital for both television and radio stations.Another leadership role for Davis has been in the advancement of broadcast engineering standards and technologies vital to the evolution of the broadcasting industry. Since its formation in April 2007, he has chaired the technical activities group of the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC), and is also currently the chair of MSTV's Engineering Committee. For three years, he chaired the ATSC Planning Committee, studying the next stages in the evolution of DTV.Davis is an elected member of the ATSC board of directors and participates in several technical committees, most notably the ATSC Specialist Group on Mobile/handheld DTV (TSG-S4). He has been active in the in-band/on-channel (IBOC) digital radio standardization efforts of the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC). He is also a member of the IEEE, SMPTE, AES, the RTNDA and the SBE.NABEF Appoints New Directors
    Washington, DC - Jan 22, 2009 - David Barrett, president and CEO of Hearst-Argyle Television, and Larry Patrick, managing partner of Patrick Communications, were recently named to the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation (NABEF) board of directors. Both candidates were approved unanimously by the NABEF board of directors during the group's December meeting.Larry Patrick is managing partner and founder of Patrick Communications, a media brokerage and investment banking firm that has handled more than $6.5 billion in transactions in recent years. He has completed hundreds of radio and television brokerage deals and has also worked with dozens of group owners, private equity funds, Wall Street firms and lenders over the past 30 years. Patrick is the current owner of 14 radio stations in Wyoming, and part owner of GoodRadio.TV, with 26 radio stations in Missouri and Iowa. His previous experience includes service as COO of Gilmore Broadcasting and senior vice president of the NAB. Patrick holds a Ph.D. in communications and management, as well as a law degree. He is chairman of the NAB's Political Action Committee and past president of both the National Association of Media Brokers and the Broadcast Education Association (BEA).David Barrett is president and CEO of Hearst-Argyle Television, and is a board member of Hearst-Argyle Television and the Hearst Corporation. He is also a trustee of the trust established under the will of William Randolph Hearst and a director of both the William Randolph Hearst Foundation and The Hearst Foundation. He serves on the boards of directors of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Association for Maximum Service Television (MSTV), the Emma L. Bowen Foundation and various other boards. Barrett is past chairman of the board of governors for the ABC Television Affiliates Association and the Federal Communication Commission's Media Security and Reliability Council (MSRC II).NABEF's Board of Directors include board chairman Gary Chapman, president, Gary R. Chapman Consulting; David Barrett, president and CEO, Hearst-Argyle Television; David Kennedy, CEO and vice chairman, Interep; Philip Lombardo, CEO, Citadel Communications; Virginia Morris, president, Hubbard Radio; Larry Patrick, managing partner, Patrick Communications; David Rehr, president and CEO, NAB; Bruce Reese, president and CEO, Bonneville International; Jack Sander, senior advisor, Belo; Charles Warfield, president/COO, ICBC Broadcast Holdings; and Marcellus Alexander, who serves as the NABEF's president.Products from the FloorAEQ Titan
    High-speed digital audio router
    The Titan BC 2000 D router/concentrator is designed to serve as the audio switching core in critical systems. It is equipped with five bidirectional optical fiber ports that use non-blocking architecture. Each port is capable of connecting up to 1,024 channels. As with the rest of the BC 2000 D, the control system is based upon the TCP/IP architecture. Communication with its two controller boards working in cluster mode provides control interface access via a single virtual IP. Audio connections are made within the BC 2000 D system by means of the five bidirectional fiber-optic ports, and are directly compatible with the BC 2213 high speed router linking module.Tascam DR-100
    Portable recorder
    The Tascam DR-100 portable recorder targets recordists who need a reliable handheld recorder with advanced recording features. Building on the DR-1 recorder, the DR-100 has a pair of XLR mic inputs with phantom power for pro condenser microphones. In addition, the DR-100 has four built-in electret condenser mics � two cardioid and two omni � and a built-in speaker for playback. It's powered either through an included lithium-ion rechargeable battery or easy-to-find AA batteries. Analog line inputs and outputs are also available, as well as a mic stand mounting hole for recording flexibility. Other production-savvy features of the DR-100 include a wireless remote control and audio editing features. Playback can be looped or slowed down without changing the pitch, and locate points can be added while recording. The DR-100 records to SD or SDHC cards, and a 2GB card is included with the unit.Dielectric 1.4GHz Antenna
    Pylon-style broadcast antenna
    Dielectric's L-Band, high-power, circularly polarized, broadband antenna features both azimuth and elevation pattern versatility in a single low-wind-load mechanical package. The aesthetically pleasing construction can be either side- or top-mounted and provides an excellent axial ratio, a 1 to 4kW input power rating, gains from 15 to 19dBi, a VSWR of less than 1.1:1, and 10 to 24kW ERP/polarization.Middle Atlantic Products ASP-OWP
    Anti-slip cable pad
    The ASP-OWP Series anti-slip cable pads are designed to improve cable management and performance in broadcast applications. When cable is dropped in from the top of racks and enclosures where hook-and-loop or wire-tie-type fasteners are used, the weight of the cable creates a significant and often problematic strain on the tie, connection and horizontal to vertical transition points. The pads have been designed to remove close to 40 percent of the cable weight off the tie point, while reducing pull tension where cables are fastened to meet or exceed cable manufacturers' requirements. These unique pads eliminate the need to over tighten the cable fastener to the point where it deforms or kinks the cables, an issue that can interrupt critical Broadcast transmissions.SessionsTop sessions: Reasons you should attend the 2009 NAB Show
    Money-Making HD Radio Opportunities
    Las Vegas Convention Center: N235/237
    April 20 - 1 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.
    More listeners are exposed to more HD Radio programming from more stations on more different receivers offering more unique technological options and marketing enhancements as well as higher-quality sound and more programming alternatives. Find out how this all translates to dollars in your pocket with this fast-paced overview of revenue opportunities for HD Radio stations.
    Moderator: Lynn Anderson, Senior Vice-President of Training, Radio Advertising Bureau
    Panelists: Joseph D'Angelo, Vice-President of Advanced Services, Ibiquity Digital Corporation; Brad Herd, Vice-President of Business Development, World Band Media, Inc.; Jim Roberts, Executive Director of Affiliate Sales, ESPN Radio
    Digital Dollars: Where and How to Find Them
    Las Vegas Convention Center: N235/237
    April 20 - 2:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.
    Amid prolonged economic uncertainty and unprecedented technological and competitive change, the hunt is on for the synergistic combinations of media assets that will yield the strongest revenue results. Learn the strategies and tactics working today to develop digital dollars for radio broadcasters and competing media as well.
    Presenters: Brian Bartolo, Director of Sales, Emmis Interactive; Vic Savelli, Executive Vice-President, Archstream Media
    Reality Radio: Producing Videos for Your Website
    Las Vegas Convention Center: N238/240
    April 20 - 2:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.
    Learn how to create low-cost video entertainment for your station's website as well as how to translate that entertainment into new revenue streams; all from the industry experts behind some of the largest U.S. radio brands' Internet video presence. Hear real world success stories from both large and small markets, plus look to gain tangible information your station can put to use the moment you get back home.
    Co-presenters: Vincent Grenier, Vice-President Marketing, Stream the World; Philippe Patrice, Product Manager Live Streaming, Stream the World; Neil Sweeney, Senior Vice-President North America, Stream the World
    Digital Audience Growth Strategies
    Las Vegas Convention Center: N238/240
    April 21 - 2:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.
    The first step in developing a strong interactive program for your media company is cultivating a digital audience. Learn how to grow your website traffic, audience database, and provide valuable insight on tactics such as social networking and mobile marketing. This is a session for future-minded media companies, with an emphasis on building digital audience and revenue.
    Presenter: Daniel Anstandig, President, McVay New Media
    Streaming Secrets Revealed! What Every Radio Station Should Know
    Las Vegas Convention Center: N231/233
    April 21 - 4 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.
    What's the latest news on royalty rates? Have recordkeeping and reporting requirements changed? What are the basic steps to streaming your station? How can you (and how shouldn't you) use music on your website? Our experts divulge the answers to these and other streaming conundrums.
    Moderator: Susan Head, National Association of Broadcasters
    Panelists: Philip Bonomo, Lerman Senter PLLC; Bruce Joseph, Wiley Rein LLP; David Oxenford, Davis Wright Tremaine LLPMore ProductsWireworks BG Cable Assemblies
    Musilux mic cable with Neutrik Convertcon
    BG Cable Assemblies feature Wireworks super flexible Musilux microphone cable or AES/EBU digital cable teamed with Neutrik's Convertcon connector. They can be used in both microphone and line level applications. Convertcon is a 3-pin male and female cable connector in a single housing. The assemblies are available in four configurations: XLR Male to Convertcon, XLR Female to Convertcon, Convertcon to Convertcon and quarter-inch TRS to Convertcon. They are offered in a variety of standard lengths with custom lengths available upon request. Musilux's ultra flexible PVC satin finish outer jacket is available in black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey and white, to match studio d�cor or for signal identification. BG Assemblies are also available with Wireworks 110 ohm AES/EBU compliant transmission cable for use in digital applications.Netia Digital Audio U-Share
    Network management system
    The U-Share network management system, as part of the company's Open Net Range, has been integrated into Radio-Assist to simplify the distribution of audio content from one site to multiple destination sites. U-Share automates the exchange of content over IP transport or DVB video transport for easy management of content distribution to the right place, at the right time. Other content exchanges can be organized according to priority with flexible options for setting and modifying transmission schedules. U-Share optimizes the exchange of video and audio content through autonomous and automatic management of its transport network. For each transfer request in a given time slot, U-Share offers the best solution for the current network congestion, thus considerably reducing transfer costs.Axel Technology DML-Audio
    Digital audio logger
    This digital audio logger features 24/7, non-stop audio recording in high or low quality, with IP streaming over Internet, long term archiving, content browsing and media export/conversion. Application fields include broadcast law obligations, real time monitoring of audio/radio programs, audio quality surveillance, and competitor surveillance. It supports any Windows-compatible audio cads, is mono/stereo, and features any logging period: 30, 60, 90, 180 and 365 days. It records in multiple formats, exports to CD, DVD and e-mail, is GPS synchronized, has alarm notification via e-mail and SMS, customizable languages and calendar interface for fast content browsing.RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten 10500X-Plus
    Digital monitor
    RTW Digital Monitor 10500X-PLUS now incorporates ITU-compliant loudness display and full-screen mode. The RTW Digital Monitor 10500X-PLUS, a high-performance, cost-effective display system for monitoring digital stereo audio signals, now comes with an integrated loudness display in compliance with the ITU BS.1771 guideline. Further enhancements include a new full-screen mode for enlarged display showing the individual instruments in use. All current-production Digital Monitor 10500X-PLUS systems leave the factory with the new loudness display options included.Out and AboutLas Vegas shows during the 2009 NAB Show
    It's a great year to linger in Vegas before or after the NAB Show, as hotel prices have dropped and show tickets are cheaper. So come a little early, stay a little late, but be sure to check out one of these great shows!Le Reve
    Wynn Las Vegas
    Thursday through Monday
    Tickets: $108.90-$196.90
    boxoffice.wynnlasvegas.comBlue Man Group
    Tickets: $99.35-$135.50
    www.bluemanvegas.comUltimate Manilow: The Hits
    Las Vegas Hilton
    April 16 - 18, 23 - 25
    Tickets: $110.45-$198.45
    www.ultimatemanilow.comKevin James
    Apr. 10 - 11
    Tickets: $91.90-$113.90
    www.ticketsnow.comElton John: The Red Piano
    Caesars Palace
    April 14-16, 18-19, 21-22
    Tickets: $131-$296
    web.eltonjohn.comV - The Ultimate Variety Show
    Planet Hollywood
    Tickets: $65.99-$96.99 (with dinner)
    www.vtheshow.comKA Cirque du Soleil
    MGM Grand
    Tickets: $112.40-$168.50 Cirque du Soleil
    Treasure Island
    Tickets: $90.40-$108.00 Standard View
    www.treasureisland.comDanny Gans
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
    Tickets: $82.50-$132.00
    boxoffice.wynnlasvegas.comCriss Angel Believe
    Tickets: $69.90 and up
    www.cirquedusoleil.comDid You Know?How did you do?
    Las Vegas timeline 1829 to 1959:
  • 1829 - The Spanish Scout Rafael Riviera becomes the first European in the Las Vegas Valley
  • 1864 - Nevada is admitted to the Union by President Lincoln
  • 1884 - Archibald Stewart murdered at Kiel Ranch - first Las Vegas murder - unresolved
  • 1905 - Town of Las Vegas established with the opening of the Salt Lake, San Pedro and Los Angeles Railroad
  • 1907 - First telephone wires installed in Las Vegas
  • 1912 - The Majestic Theater opens
  • 1920 - First airplane lands in Las Vegas
  • 1931 - Gambling legalized in Nevada
  • 1931 - Hoover Dam construction begins in Black Canyon
  • 1944 - Liberace makes his Las Vegas debut
  • 1946 - Bugsy Siegel opens Flamingo Hotel
  • 1948 - Clark County buys Alamo Air Field and opens first airport, later called McCarran International Airport
  • 1951 - First atomic test detonated at the NTS
  • 1952 - The Sahara Hotel and Casino opens
  • 1959 - Las Vegas Convention Center opens