NAB Insider from Radio magazine - Mar 25, 2008

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NAB Insider from Radio magazine - Mar 25, 2008

Mar 25, 2008 10:00 AM

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  • Dreamworks and HP Executives to Keynote at NAB
  • Holophone, Rycote Collaborate on Windscreens
  • Audioarts Engineering W-12
  • Jampro Antennas JHPC Penetrator
  • Vorsis AP-1000
  • Burk Technology ARC Plus Mobile Web Connectivity
  • Wheatstone Evolution Networked Audio Line Premiers at BSW
  • RCS' HD Importer Now Supports Tagging
  • How Well Do You Know Las Vegas?
  • Klotz Digital Vadis upgrades
  • Propagation Systems Inc PSIFLV
  • Dielectric DCBR
  • Axia Audio Element Touchscreen Timer Panel
  • Sessions on Monday
  • Las Vegas Attractions
  • Zaxcom Fusion
  • Stream Guys Aggregated Streaming Services
  • RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten 31900/31960
  • Netia Digital Audio Radio Assist 7.5 Modules
  • How Did You Do?
    News from the ConventionDreamworks and HP Executives to Keynote at NAB
    Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO and director of Dreamworks Animation; Todd Bradley, EVP of the personal systems group for HP; and Roger Enrico, chairman of the board for Dreamworks animation, will present a keynote at the NAB Show on Mon., April 14.The trio will discuss how creativity is driving technology advances and expanding the potential for new content including: Fast-approaching technology changes that may dramatically influence the broadcast, film and video post, animation and graphic arts industries; highly integrated systems that will enable superior content and greater levels of digital color consistency from device to device; and a sneak preview of upcoming digital 3-D movies from Dreamworks Animation.Holophone, Rycote Collaborate on Windscreens
    Toronto, On - Feb 26, 2008 - Holophone and Rycote have teamed to develop windscreen systems for Holophone's entire line of surround microphones, the H2-Pro, H3-D and H4 Supermini. Available in standalone fuzzy and fuzzy/windscreen pairs, the Rycote windshield systems provide 10dB-12dB extra protection for Holophone's surround microphones over a standard windshield. The entire line of windscreen systems are made from specially designed and manufactured screening materials that offer minimal adverse effect on sound level or quality. To provide a snug fit, all windscreens feature a drawstring and toggle.Exhibitor ExtraAudioarts Engineering W-12
    Booth N7612
    The W-12 Console targets small- to mid-market radio stations and offers high-end features such as: three stereo main busses, 12 A/B dual source stereo line inputs (analog or digital), two microphone preamps, uncompressed 24-bit operation (44.1 or 48kHz), switched VU meters, built-in cue speaker with level control and headphone jack with built-in amp.Jampro Antennas JHPC Penetrator
    Booth C 2607
    The JHPC-HD antenna is the medium-power version of the Penetrator antenna. This model has been designed for use with HD Radio broadcast. Rated at 50kW maximum input, each bay consists of a Penetrator-style radiating element with a 3-1/8" shunt feed line. Each JHPC is factory tuned to any frequency in the FM Band II (87.5-108MHz) range on a tower structure that best simulates the customer's actual tower. Multiple frequency design is also available. The antenna is constructed of the highest quality marine brass and copper. A hot-dipped, galvanized-steel mounting bracket for utmost grounding supports each bay. Standard round leg mounting brackets for uniform face towers are included with each antenna.Vorsis AP-1000
    Signal processor
    Booth N7612
    This multiband, dual-path FM plus HD Radio processor features an interactive user interface that provides remote monitoring and control. This 31-band processor features three-band preprocessing AGC, an AM/FM output limiter, an HD Radio output limiter, four-band full parametric EQ, variable high- and low-pass filters and Ethernet control. It provides HD Radio latency FM delay, FM stereo MPX generator, a 24-bit sample rate converter, de-esser, and accepts a 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz or 192kHz input.Burk Technology ARC Plus Mobile Web Connectivity
    Portable remote control
    Booth N6920
    Burk Technology has added mobile Web connectivity to the ARC Plus broadcast facility control system. The ARC Plus now allows remote access via Web-enabled cell phones and PDAs, including Treos, Iphones, Pocket PCs and more. Virtually any device with Web access can now monitor transmitter readings and allow remote operators to review alarms, issue commands and run macros without a PC.IndustryWheatstone Evolution Networked Audio Line Premiers at BSW
    New Bern, NC - Wheatstone Corporation has created an alliance with Tacoma, WA-based BSW, aimed at launching the new Wheatstone Evolution networked console line. Studios equipped with the new Evolution consoles can operate independently yet can share all sources and mixes through the E-series Wheatnet Switch without traffic limitations, audio latency or machine control delays.RCS' HD Importer Now Supports Tagging
    White Plains, NY - To take advantage of the new technology, RCS HD Importer now supports the HD Radio application of Itunes Tagging. The RCS HD Importer enables advanced radio capabilities, like multicasting and datacasting. As a stand-alone module, it can work with any automation system and integrates seamlessly with Nexgen.Do You Know...?How Well Do You Know Las Vegas?
    1. About how many pounds of shrimp are consumed in Las Vegas every day?
    a. 10,000
    b. 40,000
    c. 30,000
    d. 60,0002. True or false: Construction worker hard hats were first used in Nevada.3. Which of the following is true?
    a. The first hotel and casino in Vegas was the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino in 1906
    b. In 1941, El Ranchero was the first resort on Vegas strip (now across from the Sahara)
    c. The Las Vegas Convention Center opened in 1959
    d. The Mirage was the first mega resort in 1989, built for $630 million
    e. All of the aboveMore ProductsKlotz Digital Vadis upgrades
    New workflow tools
    Booth N5925
    A variety of new Vadis workflow tools will be unveiled at the convention. Vadis Shared Control Management module manages the use of sharing resources through a LAN infrastructure, such as central play out systems, freely assignable announcer booths, remotely controlled mic preamps, pools of telephone hybrids and codecs, central devices and devices in other studios or areas. It provides access to all device specific parameters, functions and attributes to allow a quick operation. Vadis Remote Source Assignment module allows the studio console selection of remote router sources in the same manner as local sources. It provides the communication between a mixing console and a central router. Router sources are assigned to the console on a need to use basis.Propagation Systems Inc PSIFLV
    Vertically polarized FM antenna
    Booth C 2324
    For broadcasters searching for a low-power antenna that is omni-directional and vertically polarized, the PSIFLV is constructed of marine brass and copper. It accepts deicers or radomes for environmental protection. Each element can handle input power of up to 500W and provides excellent bandwidth and low VSWR <1.1:1. This antenna is factory tuned and mounting hardware is included.Dielectric DCBR
    FM antenna
    Booth C 1918
    This antenna consists of a crossed-dipole radiator fed in phase quadrature and mounted within a circular cavity. The cavity used in this circularly polarized FM antenna is a welded, stainless steel or galvanized grid. The cavity grid is supported from a center mounting plate, which also serves as a mounting for the dipole assembly and for attachment of the unit to the supporting structure. The use of grid cavities and aerodynamic design significantly reduces weight and windload requirements of the supporting structure. Multistation operation can be achieved only with the wide bandwidth characteristics the DCBR antenna offers. The antenna is stainless steel with three or four configurations available, power ratings up to 10 class C stations, single or dual EIA inputs up to 9", ABS feed point randome, low downward radiation, near omni-directional free space pattern performance, RH circular polarization, low weight and wind load.Axia Audio Element Touchscreen Timer Panel
    Element accessory
    Booth N7620
    Board operators and hosts using Element consoles have access to a full-featured time-keeping suite using console-mounted controls. Now, the Element Touchscreen Timer Panel gives studio guests, producers and show hosts access to these functions with a touch-sensitive interface. The Touchscreen features configurable, digital and analog time-of-day clocks, an elapsed-time counter with freeze and pause functions, expansion ports than can host up to five more Element studio accessories, a built-in Web server and the option to be desk or turret-mounted.Session HighlightsSessions on Monday
    Communicating with Management
    10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
    Room: S228
    Moderator: Chriss Scherer
    Presenters: John Bisset, David Israel, Don Kelley, Gary Kline and Paul Tinkle
    This session will discuss ways to get management on your side - elevating your department''s standing while providing personal satisfaction. The session will provide a variety of simple, yet effective, techniques that will raise you and your department in the eyes of your manager; and that can be used to advance your career.Alternative STL Technologies
    1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
    Room: S228
    Moderator: Paul Shulins
    Presenters: Bob Band, Guy Campell and Tim Anderson
    Topics include: The HD Radio STL: Issues, Options and Technologies; The Best of Synchronus With the Best of IP; and Robust HD Radio Exporter to Exgine Architecture.Digital Radio Worldwide
    3 p.m. - 5 p.m.
    Room: S228
    Moderator: Barry Thomas
    Presenters: Chuck Kelly, Olaf Korte, Myron Fanton and Andrew Janitschek
    Topics include: Bandwidth and Frequency Allocation Issues in International Digital Radio AM and FM Broadcasting; New Standards and Codecs for European Digital Broadcasting; Mobile Coverage Optimization by Polarization Diversity in VHF and UHF Propagation; and Does Your Yotta Byte?For more information on these sessions, visit the NAB Show website.Out and AboutLas Vegas Attractions
    Maybe you've seen everything there is to see in Las Vegas. But just in case, here are some local attractions worth checking out in your spare time. As if you have spare time.
  • Las Vegas Natural History Museum, 900 N. Las Vegas Blvd., 384-3466,
  • Guggenheim Hermitage Museum at the Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S., 414-2440,
  • Atomic Testing Museum, 755 East Flamingo Road, 794-5161,
  • King Tut's Tomb and Museum at the Luxor, 3900 Las Vegas Blvd. S., 262-4444
  • Guiness World of Records Museum, 2780 Las Vegas Blvd. S., 792-0640
  • Houdini Museum at the Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S., 414-1000
  • Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, 3377 Las Vegas Blvd. S., 862-7800,
  • Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. S., 632-4555,
  • Neon Boneyard, 387-6366,
  • Pinball Hall of Fame, 3330 E. Tropicana Ave.,
    Product PeeksZaxcom Fusion
    High-resolution audio recorder/mixer
    Booth N4533
    This system replaces the multiple mixers and portable recorders normally required to support mixing and recording of audio via RF link or hardwired cable. Fusion can mix 16 inputs to eight output buses for recording up to eight tracks. Fusion eliminates the use of a hard drive, which additionally removes concerns of hard drive damage from extreme temperatures or motion. The system records to two Compact Flash cards simultaneously, ensuring 100 percent solid-state recording that provides redundancy and flexibility. With the Fusion's DSP-based audio tools, users can adjust over 300 mixer cross points and 200 controllable parameters. Four balanced AES inputs with sample rate conversion allow eight channels of audio to come from four different devices with varying sample rates or unlocked sample rate clocks.Stream Guys Aggregated Streaming Services
    Internet streaming
    Booth C 1848
    Stream Guys offers a variety of streaming media solutions and tools enabling quality delivery and monetization of digital media, across all sectors of Internet broadcasting. The Stream Guys Aggregated Service Platform includes various hardware and software to support a mix and match of audio and video streaming formats, with advanced services for server clustering, load balancing and performance monitoring.RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten 31900/31960
    Surround control
    Booth N3223
    RTW has completely overhauled its Surround Control family, an eight-channel system that controls, monitors and analyzes surround sound utilizing RTW's Surround Sound Analyzer. The analyzer is the house-shaped display features an easy-to-read, visual manifestation of overall sound, including loudness and sound pressure level, phase correlation and level differences among channels. The Surround Control 31900 is designed for studios and fits in a 1RU case, while the Surround Control 31960 is sized as a half 19" 3RU module.Netia Digital Audio Radio Assist 7.5 Modules
    Digital audio software programs
    Booth N5433
    The short message service module for Radio-Assist 7.5 uses mobile phone platforms as a new way to communicate interactively, allowing on-air talent to play interactive SMS and voting games with listeners. The Air-DDO module is spread over two monitor screens. The GUI simultaneously displays four broadcast channels and offers access to help and preparation tools, including a cuer, on-air monitoring, playlist modification, recording and production. The statistics tool allows users to measure and monitor the effectiveness of various elements of their daily broadcasts, including the number of times an audio clip has been played, the broadcast rate and the number of times an advertisement has been broadcast. This new tool automatically displays results per day, month, or the users period of choice. Multitrack XT is an editing tool for Radio-Assist 7.5 and designed for multitrack digital audio recording and editing. Along with traditional recording, editing, and playback features, it offers time stretching, pitch shifting, noise reduction, noise gating, synchronization, stereo and multitrack broadcasting, support for CD burners, and import/export MP3 files.Did You Know?How Did You Do?
    1. d. Shrimp consumption in Las Vegas is more than 60,000 pounds a day, higher than the rest of the country combined.2. True: Construction worker hard hats were first invented specifically for workers on the Hoover Dam in 1933.3. e. All of the aboveTake the FASTtrack with you!
    Download the Radio magazine 2008 NAB FASTtrack, Exhibitor Directory and Broadcast Engineering Conference session guide to your handheld device. Search for exhibitors sorted alphabetically or by category. The Broadcast Engineering Conference session guide gives you quick reference to the key sessions.Click here to access it.