NAB Insider from Radio magazine - Mar 27, 2007

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NAB Insider from Radio magazine - Mar 27, 2007

Mar 27, 2007 10:00 AM

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  • ERI Adds Groome to Sales
  • NAB Announces Engineering Achievement Award Winners
  • So you think you know Vegas?
  • 25-Seven Systems Becomes Axia Partner
  • Day Sequerra M3
  • OMT Imediatouch
  • Barix Technology Low-latency software
  • Global Security Systems USB Stick for Emergency Alert
  • Sessions of Interest on Tuesday, April 17
  • Sonifex RB-SSML1
  • Harris ZX3500
  • Henry Engineering USB-AES Matchbox
  • Google CEO to Speak at NAB Super Session
  • Convention Hours
  • Free Exhibits-only Passes
  • Getting a Bite
  • Take the Bus, Gus!
  • Getting to the Airport
  • ATI Group UADC-1
  • PTEK 1kW Transmitter
  • Jampro Antennas JLCP
  • The Trivia Answers
    News from the ConventionERI Adds Groome to Sales
    Chandler, IN - Mar 1, 2007 - ERI has appointed Bob Groome to the newly created position of radio account manager, western region for the company. Groome's responsibilities include sales of ERI's RF and structural products to individual radio stations and radio group owners in the Western United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.Groome joins ERI after several years with Jampro. His sales experience includes working for Harris and Arrakis.Groome's office will be located in Sacramento and he can be contacted directly at 916-681-4969 or Announces Engineering Achievement Award Winners
    Washington - Feb 26, 2007 - Victor Tawil, senior vice president for Association for Maximum Service Television (MSTV) and Louis A. King, chairman of the board for Kintronic Laboratories, will be presented with the 2007 NAB Engineering Achievement Award during the NAB Technology Luncheon on April 18 at NAB2007. The awards recognize these individual's outstanding achievements and contributions in the broadcast engineering profession.As senior vice president of MSTV, Tawil provides technology and telecommunication policy guidance to MSTV's 400-plus member TV stations. Prior to joining MSTV, Tawil worked at the FCC, where he held positions in the Office of Science and Technology specializing in the field of spectrum management, tropospheric propagation and system engineering. During his 14-year tenure at the FCC, Tawil worked extensively in the areas of broadcasting, satellite, wireless communications and new communication technologies, and served as a U.S. delegate on International and ITU Plenipotentiary Conferences and bilateral negotiations.King has made contributions to the radio broadcast industry as an inventor, educator, consulting engineer and manufacturer. After receiving his first patent for a pulse transformer design, King served as an educator at Clemson College. He spent four years at the Radio Corporation of America, (RCA) where he was instrumental in the design of the first air-cooled 50kW AM transmitter at RCA and received the patent for the bistable multi-vibrator, which was better known as the flip-flop circuit commonly used as the basic switching device in early computers. King later began a consulting business that eventually led to the development of Kintronic Laboratories Incorporated, an RF equipment manufacturer with customers in all 50 states and over 100 countries.Past recipients of the Radio Engineering Award include Radio magazine Technical Editor and SBE founder John Battison, Glynn Walden, Geoff Mendenhall and Bob Orban.Do you know...?The Changing Landscape
    Hotels come and go in Las Vegas. If you have visited the city in earlier years you may remember some of the former hotels such as the Landmark, Vegas World or the El Rancho. In this quiz, name the hotel or casino that was imploded to make way for the facility currently standing on that spot.1. Aladdin Casino Hotel
    ��a. Silver Slipper
    ��b. Sahara
    ��c. old Aladdin
    ��d. Desert Inn4. Mandalay Bay
    ��a. Stardust
    ��b. Hacienda
    ��c. Last Frontier
    ��d. Vegas World 2. Bally's
    ��a. Sahara
    ��b. Bonanza
    ��c. Flamingo
    ��d. Sands5. Bellagio
    ��a. Desert Inn
    ��b. El Cortez
    ��c. Dunes
    ��d. El Rancho 3. The Venetian
    ��a. Sands
    ��b. Golden Nugget
    ��c. Binion's
    ��d. LandmarkThe answers are below.Business25-Seven Systems Becomes Axia Partner
    Cleveland - Mar 20, 2007 - 25-Seven Systems has become the latest manufacturer to implement the Livewire IP-audio protocol for audio over Ethernet. 25-Seven Systems will introduce Livewire compatibility for its Audio Time Manager time compression processor at NAB2007.Products from the FloorDay Sequerra M3
    HD Radio monitor
    Booth N7323

    The M3 contains three separate AM, FM and HD Radio tuners in a 2RU enclosure to monitor and alarm analog or digital (HD-1 through HD-8) signals. Each tuner's vacuum florescent display (VFD) shows station frequency, HD-1 through HD-8 PAD, analog RBDS data, signal strength and multipath. Status indicators confirm HD Locked, Multicast Available, Delay Bit Set and Tuner Alarm. Each tuner features balanced analog XLR outputs and a transformer balanced digital output. The analog outputs are level-adjustable via menu control, and each digital output remains present even when the M3 tuners are tuned to an analog station to provide a continuous digital output. Each tuner section is equipped with six dry, floating alarm relays that can be assigned to monitor RF carrier strength, audio level, OFDM lock, RBDS data stream, PAD stream, multicast available and delay bit. RF carrier and audio alarms can be set to activate at variable level settings, and all alarms can be set to trigger after a selectable delay. The audio alarm circuits use proprietary heuristic algorithms that cannot be fooled by pink noise or tones, and will generate alarms when real program silence is detected in HD Radio or analog broadcasts. An integrated front panel keyboard lock prevents unauthorized changes to the unit's settings.
    info@daysequerra.comOMT Imediatouch
    Broadcast automation software
    Booth N9011

    Enhancements to this automation software include a new talk button, which allows the user to insert a live talk segment into the log while still in automation mode. Users now have the option to use a condensed version of the Audio Library screen with the ability to drag and drop audio events into the main log schedule. The Compact Full Log Screen displays the full day's log in a wider view so more items are listed on the main on-air screen. Users can also now drag and drop audio from the full log into the main playback log. A cart-style Event Display changes the standard log based playback to static cart decks when users are in a Live Assist mode.
    omt@omt.netBarix Technology Low-latency software
    Software for Exstreamer/Instreamer
    Booth N8034

    The new software application for low-latency streaming in its Instreamer and Exstreamer IP audio encoding and decoding devices are based on the Barix Real-Time Protocol (BRTP). BRTP is specifically designed for radio stations and broadcast groups that wish to deliver a live signal from one studio to multiple Internet radio outlets without the delays associated with audio streaming. The streaming application reduces the usual 15 to 30 seconds of delay from PC-based encoders to about 200 to 500 milliseconds. The application can be used over a standard broadband infrastructure and public Internet connection using good compression ratios.
    info@barix.comGlobal Security Systems USB Stick for Emergency Alert
    USB stick for GSS Net
    Booth N6734

    The USB stick plugs into any Windows PC supporting USB connectivity and connects the computer to the GSS Net Public Warning and Alert System. The thumb-size USB stick plugs directly into the PC and presents relevant alerts and messages. The unit is not dependent on an Internet connection and features a FM radio tuner built-in. The USB supports FM/RDS.
    info@gssnet.usSession HighlightsSessions of Interest on Tuesday, April 17
    The Tuesday radio engineering sessions cover topics of a more traditional operational nature. In addition, Tuesday''s events include the Radio Luncheon, the FCC Breakfast and the SBE membership meeting and reception.7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m., Hilton Barron
    FCC Breakfast
    Senior regulators talk about goals for the next two years. Open only to Broadcast Conference Package registrants.9 a.m. to noon, S228
    Radio Facilities
    From rebuilding a studio to rebuilding a transmitter site, the papers in this session cover several technical operations areas.noon to 1:30 p.m., Hilton Barron
    Radio Luncheon - NAB Crystal Radio Awards and Broadcasting Hall of Fame Award Presentation Editor at Large Brian Cooley will deliver the keynote address, and Rick Deeswill be inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Luncheon Ticket Required.1 p.m. to 2 p.m., S226
    Broadcast Facility Safety and Compliance
    Two papers are included: What Broadcast Tower Owners and Tenants Need to Know About 222-G, and ENG and All-Hazards Safety2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., S226
    Technical Planning for Emergencies
    This session covers emergency operations, emergency preparedness, EAS and more.3 p.m. to 4 p.m., Hilton Ballroom A
    The Regulatory Face Off
    FCC Commissioners gather together to offer a variety of views on broadcast regulation. Commissioners Adelstein, Copps and Taylor-Tate are scheduled to appear.5 p.m. to 6 p.m., S228
    SBE Annual Membership Meeting
    The Society of Broadcast Engineers holds its annual meeting to provide an update to its members.6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Hilton Ballroom D
    SBE Reception
    SBE members, guest and potential members are invited to network and socialize.More ProductsSonifex RB-SSML1
    Rackmount mixer
    Booth N4928

    This 1RU rack-mountable source selector for compressing or limiting an incoming mic or line signal, along with selectable level metering and headphone monitor outputs. The compression ratio and threshold limits are fully adjustable via linear pots on the front panel. The threshold can be set between -30dBu and +20dBu. The mic input consists of an independent low-noise mic pre-amplifier for converting mic level signals to a line level. There are independent switches to control a high pass filter and to provide phantom power at 48V to the connected mic. The XLR-3 stereo monitor input volume control is fully adjustable via a back panel recessed pot, and has an additional 10dB gain increase via a switch on the rear panel for use with unbalanced equipment.
    info@independentaudio.comHarris ZX3500
    Low-power transmitter
    Booth N2502

    A 3.5kW model from its expanding range of ZX low-power transmitters, this unit will switch between digital, analog and hybrid modes on the fly, and can be delivered with one of three Harris exciters: the Flexstar HDX-FM, the Micro Max analog exciter, and the Digit CD exciter. For multicasting, it can be used with Ibiquity's Generation 3 exgine architecture, which brings the HDI-100 importer and HDE-100 exporter back to the studio and reverts the HDx exciter to a more user-friendly and reliable DSP-based operation.
    broadcast@harris.comHenry Engineering USB-AES Matchbox
    AES/EBU digital interface
    Booth N7432

    This digital interface provides AES/EBU digital audio input and output from any PC or laptop computer via a USB port. The unit is used instead of a PC sound card, and is compatible with any digital recording, editing or automation software that supports USB. The interface features XLR input and output connectors for AES/EBU professional digital audio, as well as secondary analog outputs on the XLR connectors. The system supports 16-bit digital audio at sample rates up to 48kHz. The unit is USB powered.
    info@henryeng.comConvention EventsGoogle CEO to Speak at NAB Super Session
    Eric Schmidt, chief executive officer at Google, will provide predictions regarding Google's impact on the future of radio, TV, advertising and the public during the NAB2007 super session entitled "Innovator Spotlight: View from the Top." This session is on Monday, April 16 in Las Vegas.Schmidt was recruited from Novell, where, as CEO, he led the company's strategic planning, management and technology development. Prior to Novell, Schmidt was chief technology officer at Sun Microsystems.Convention Hours
    Plan your time at the convention to see as much as you can. Start by knowing the hours of the exhibit hall.Exhibit Hall HoursDayOpensCloses Monday through Wednesday9 a.m.6 p.m. Thursday9 a.m.4 p.m.Convention RegistrationFree Exhibits-only Passes
    Be a guest of Radio magazine and see the NAB2007 exhibits for free. Follow this link and register today.Out and About in Las VegasGetting a Bite
    Looking for a nice restaurant to take business associates for dinner? Here are some of Radio magazine's favorite places for food and business.
  • Battista's Hole in the Wall features full dinners with entree soup or salad, bread, side and wine for $19 to $35. This restaurant is located at 4041 Audrie St. (behind the Flamingo Hilton). For more information visit
  • Postrio inside the Venetian is the Las Vegas version of Wolfgang Puck's Postrio restaurant in San Francisco. There is a formal dining room as well as patio seating, which allows views of the Venetian Carnivale atmosphere on St. Mark''s Square. Expect dinner to cost between $25-$45 per person. For more information visit
  • Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine at 620 E. Flamingo Road offers local ingredients, European sauces and bold Asian spices, with a focus on fresh seafood. The average cost of entrees is $30-$50. For more information visit
  • Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse offers steak, lobster and bread baked fresh daily. Estimated cost for a meal at Del Frisco's is $40 to $60. It is located at 3925 Paradise Road. For more information visit
  • Aureole in Mandalay Bay offers a three-course fixed-price dinner for $75. Reservations are required. Visit for more information.
    Take the Bus, Gus!
    You know about taxis. You know about the monorail. Don't forget about the hotel shuttle buses to get to and from your hotel to the Convention Center. There are 11 shuttle routes that stop at all the convention hotels. The buses stop in front of the North Hall at the LVCC and operate on the schedule shown below. The shuttles stop in specific areas at each hotel, so check with your hotel to verify the location, which is usually the tour bus or valet area.The hotel shuttles run from the hotels to the LVCC from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Monday through Thursday. They run from the LVCC to the hotels from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, and 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. Shuttles depart about every 20 minutes.There is also a shuttle that circles the LVCC called the NAB Connector. This bus arrives about every 10 minutes and makes five stops: North Hall entrance, North Hall rear (by the Hilton entrance), Central Hall rear, South Hall Hall rear and South Hall entrance. It's 1/3 mile from one end of the LVCC to the other, and if you need a break to make the stretch, catch the NAB Connector.Las Vegas has a city bus system as well, and four lines have stops near the LVCC. This includes the Deuce, a double-decker bus that follows the strip between downtown and the Las Vegas Factory Outlet.Getting to the Airport
    There's one more bus to be aware of. On Wednesday and Thursday, the NAB provides a free shuttle bus to McCarran Airport on a first-come, first-served basis. This shuttle runs every 30 minutes, and operates from noon to 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, and noon to 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. The bus loads in front of the Central Hall.Product PeeksATI Group UADC-1
    Analog/digital audio switcher
    Booth N7323

    This analog-to-digital converter and switch provides 24-bit conversion with AES3 audio path insertion and interruption functions. The device may be used as a standalone A-to-D converter or as a way to insert stereo analog inputs into an AES stream via remote control. A sampling rate of 32kHz or 48kHz is selectable via internal jumpers. Front-panel LEDs display the audio present and clipping for left and right analog inputs, the input selected for output and the status of the device. Recessed front-panel gain controls for the analog inputs are included.
    sales@atiaudio.comPTEK 1kW Transmitter
    Booth N6126

    This transmitter is a single box 1kW transmitter with drop-down front panel for easy access to two replaceable 700W modules. The modular version will still be available.
    sales@ptekpower.comJampro Antennas JLCP
    LPFM antenna
    Booth C2515

    This stainless steel, omni-directional antenna is easy to install with a supplied 2" pole mount. A helix design makes it useful for LPFM broadcasters wanting flexibility. The antenna offers higher V-Pol than similar designs providing better car reception and building penetration. A stacking harness is included when multiple bay arrays are ordered. The antenna features a VSWR 1.5:1 or better +/-150kHz.
    jampro@jampro.comDid you know...?Do you remember which hotels used to exist?
    1. C. The old Aladdin was imploded in April 1998 to make way for a hotel of the same name.
    2. B. Bally's was originally named the MGM Grand, which suffered a fire in 1980. After the fire, the hotel was renamed Bally's Grand, and then just Bally's. The Bonanza was imploded in 1970 to make way for the old MGM Grand. The current MGM Grand opened in 1993.
    3. A. The Sands Hotel--the home to the Rat Pack--was imploded in 1996. The Venetian opened in May 1999.
    4. B. The Hacienda was imploded in 1996 to make room for Mandalay Bay, which opened in March 1999.
    5. C. The Dunes was imploded in 1993. The Bellagio opened in October 1998.