NAB Insider from Radio magazine - March 21, 2006

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NAB Insider from Radio magazine - March 21, 2006

Mar 21, 2006 1:00 PM

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  • Wired's Anderson to Keynote NAB Technology Luncheon
  • ATA Audio Granted Exclusive North American Distributor for the Prodsys Line
  • NAB Announces Crystal Radio Awards Finalists
  • Test your knowledge of Las Vegas with this little quiz.
  • Enco Systems Streamline
  • Comrex Access Portable
  • AEQ Listener 8
  • Broadcast Electronics 4MX 25
  • NAB2006 Debuts First Web and Mobile Development Conference
  • Sessions for the Weekend
  • Sierra Automated Systems Rubi-T
  • Wit Easi-8
  • Prophet Systems XLR8R
  • Audioarts Engineering IOC-16
  • Free Internet Access
  • V-Soft Schedules Training at NAB2006
  • Ghana Station, Korean Broadcasting System to Receive NAB Award
  • Free Exhibits-only Passes
  • Dielectric DFM series
  • Audio Processing Technology Worldnet Chicago Lite
  • Harris Masterlink IP
  • Energy-Onix Legend 1500, ECO-15
  • Did you know the answers?
    Take the FASTtrack with you!
    Download the Radio magazine NAB2006 FASTtrack, Exhibitor Directory and Broadcast Engineering Conference session guide to your Palm or Pocket PC PDA. Search for NAB2006 exhibitors sorted alphabetically or by category. The Broadcast Engineering Conference session guide gives you quick reference to the key sessions.Go to and click on the link on the right-hand side of the home page.News from the ConventionWired's Anderson to Keynote NAB Technology Luncheon
    Washington - Mar 16, 2006 - Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, will deliver the keynote address at the NAB2006 Technology Luncheon on April 26. Anderson's speech, The Long Tail, is also the title of an upcoming book he wrote based on his research and 2004 article in Wired. The theory of The Long Tail is that our culture and economy is increasingly shifting away from a focus on a relatively small number of hits (mainstream products and markets) at the head of the demand curve and toward a huge number of niches in the tail.Since taking the editor-in-chief position at Wired in 2001, Anderson has led the magazine to four National Magazine Award nominations, winning the prestigious top prize for General Excellence in 2005. Previously, he was at The Economist, where he served as U.S. business editor, Asia business editor (based in Hong Kong); and technology editor. Anderson's editorial career began at the two science journals, Nature and Science. Prior to that, he worked as a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory's meson physics facility and served as research assistant to the chief scientist of the Department of Transportation. He holds a bachelor of science degree in physics from George Washington University and studied quantum mechanics and science journalism at the University of California at Berkeley.ATA Audio Granted Exclusive North American Distributor for the Prodsys Line
    Randolph, New Jersey � ATA Audio was granted exclusive North American distributorship for the Prodys product line. One of the first products available is the Prontonet IP codec with ISDN backup. The Prontonet is a multiformat audio codec with capabilities as dual audio codec (two independent encoders and decoders) supporting G711, G722, MPEG1/2 Layer II, MPEG1/2 Layer III, MPEG2/4 AAC LC and MPEG4 LD as well as Apt- x among its standard coding algorithms and bi-directional uncompressed linear audio transmission over IP through its 10/100 port. Also available is the Prontonet IP Decoder. It is based on the Prontonet IP with the functionality of being an IP decoder. The Kronos E1/T1 multiplexer is also available. This system allows transportation of voice channels with high quality audio and data across 2.048Mb/s or 1544Mb/s structured links (E1 or T1), using time division multiplexing (TDM). All products will be shown at ATA Audio's booth (N4519) at NAB2006 in Las Vegas.NAB Announces Crystal Radio Awards Finalists
    Washington - Mar 13, 2006 - The National Association of Broadcasters announced the 50 finalists for the 2006 Crystal Radio Awards competition. Since 1987, the NAB Crystal Radio Awards have recognized radio stations for their outstanding year-round commitment to community service. This list of this year's finalists follows. KCVM-FM Cedar Falls, IA
    KFOG-FM San Francisco, CA
    KGO-AM San Francisco, CA
    KHOW-AM Denver, CO
    KIOA-FM Des Moines, IA
    KLVI-AM Beaumont, TX
    KMOX-AM St. Louis, MO
    KOZT-FM Fort Bragg, CA
    KPPV-FM Prescott Valley, AZ
    KPRS-FM Kansas City, MO
    KQRS-FM Minneapolis, MN
    KRBE-FM Houston, TX
    KRSP-FM Salt Lake City, UT
    KSL-AM Salt Lake City, UT
    KTOZ-FM Springfield, MO
    KTSY-FM Boise, ID
    KUDL-FM Kansas City, MO
    KUZZ Bakersfield, CA
    KVAK-AM Valdez, AK
    KVET-FM Austin, TX
    KZBR-FM San Francisco, CA
    WBEB-FM Philadelphia, PA
    WDAY-AM Fargo, ND
    WDRV-FM Chicago, IL
    WFBQ-FM Indianapolis, IN WGHT-AM Pompton Lakes, NJ
    WHAI-FM Greenfield, MA
    WHIZ-AM Zanesville, OH
    WHUR-FM Washington, DC
    WIBC-AM Indianapolis, IN
    WILV-FM Chicago, IL
    WIVK-FM Knoxville, TN
    WIZM-AM La Crosse, WI
    WJJY-FM Brainerd, MN
    WJON-AM St. Cloud, MN
    WLHT-FM Grand Rapids, MI
    WMRN-AM Marion, OH
    WPHI-FM Philadelphia, PA
    WQCS-FM Fort Pierce, FL
    WQMX-FM Akron, OH
    WRVW-FM Nashville, TN
    WSBA-AM York, PA
    WSTR-FM Atlanta, GA
    WTAM-AM Cleveland, OH
    WTLC-FM Indianapolis, IN
    WTMJ-AM Milwaukee, WI
    WTUZ-FM Uhrichsville, OH
    WWWQ-FM Atlanta, GA
    WXKS-FM Medford, MA
    WYLD-FM New Orleans, LAThe Crystal Radio Award finalists were chosen by a panel of judges representing broadcasting, community service organizations and public relations firms. Finalists will be honored and winners announced at the Radio Luncheon on April 25 during NAB2006.The Radio Luncheon will feature a keynote address by Walt Mossberg, technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal.Did you know...? Test your knowledge of Las Vegas with this little quiz. The answers are below.Q: Charles Fey invented a slot machine named the Liberty Bell. This device became the model for all slots to follow. In what year did Fey invent the Liberty Bell?Q: Nevada is the largest gold-producing state in the nation. It is second in the world behind what country?Products on the FloorEnco Systems Streamline
    Automation, scheduling, management system
    Booth N617, C2507F

    Enco partnered with Wicks Broadcast Solutions and Powergold to create Streamline, an integrated automation, music scheduling and traffic system. Streamline integrates DAD''s library/playlist functions with Visual Traffic spot entry/log management and Powergold music scheduling/analysis, simplifying a workflow. The system runs on standard PCs with Windows 2000 or Windows XP Pro operating systems.
    sales@enco.comComrex Access Portable
    Audio codec
    Booth N2722

    About the size of a camcorder, this hand-held unit may be powered for more than seven hours by its rechargeable battery. For broadcasts that require larger mixing and headphone capabilities, the system may be docked into the stereo mixer/headphone management section to provide a full featured, table-top, five-channel mixer/codec. The codec uses BRIC technology to deliver wideband mono or stereo audio on a single POTS line or IP network including the public Internet. A Web browser is included for connection to Wi-Fi access points that require log-in. Other features include a built-in Ethernet port, and connection to a range of other networks via integral Cardbus slot including, modem, 3G cellular, Wi-fi and Wi-max.
    info@comrex.comAEQ Listener 8
    AM/FM radio receiver
    Booth N3518

    This multiple AM and FM radio receiver for recording and monitoring fits in 2RU and offers capability for eight radio receivers. Each receiver features an independent output that can be easily controlled from the front monitor. Each receiver includes alarms.
    sales@aeqbroadcast.comBroadcast Electronics 4MX 25
    Booth N1808

    Broadcast Electronics will introduce its 4MX 25kW transmitter at NAB2006. The 25kW transmitter is the second in a line of medium-wave transmitters based on 4M Modulation, BE's patent-pending method of modulating the duty cycle of the radio frequency directly to produce a more linear output waveform. The transmitter is DRM-compatible and capable of linear audio reproduction. It comes with separate audio input to pass the full frequency range possible of digital transmission.The patent-pending 4M Modulation scheme uses a breakthrough technique to apply signal to all PA modules in parallel. This design also maintains the audio quality and efficiency during full power daytime and reduced power nighttime modes.
    bdcast@bdcast.comSession HighlightsNAB2006 Debuts First Web and Mobile Development Conference
    Washington - Mar 9, 2006 - The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is launching a new conference at NAB2006. The Web and Mobile Development Conference is targeted toward professional Web designers, developers and content providers. In this two-day conference, sessions will focus on Web design and development, server-based media streaming and mobile content from industry experts. Topics will include Web technologies such as CSS, XML, RSS, Flash Video, Content Delivery Networks, Action Script and Flex.The Broadcast Engineering Conference Sessions for the Weekend
    Saturday, April 22
    8:00 a.m. - 12:05 p.m. SBE/Ennes Workshop:Everything RF -- Radio and Television
    10:00 a.m. - 3:35 p.m. SBE/Ennes Connecting with the Consumers
    1:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. SBE/Ennes Workshop:Everything RF -- Radio and TelevisionSunday, April 23
    9:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference Opening Keynote
    9:30 a.m. - noon What Is Broadcast Quality?
    9:30 a.m. - noon Making Radio Work- Part I
    1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. The Evolution of IT in Radio Broadcasting
    1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Final Steps in the DTV Transition: The Death of Analog
    2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. NAB Radio and TV Member Lounge, Sponsored by Sprint
    4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Living the Digital Media Lifestyle in the Home and BeyondMore ProductsSierra Automated Systems Rubi-T
    Mini console
    Booth N907

    This mini Rubicon broadcast console is 6� high and features any number of input modules, monitor modules and talkback modules. This console is useful for news booths, edit booths, voice booths, voice tracking and mini secondary effects mixer in on-air studios. Features include full-length 100mm P&G fader and four programmable source select or bus assignment buttons.
    sales@sasaudio.comWit Easi-8
    Remote monitoring
    Booth N3039

    By connecting this Ethernet-based remote monitoring and control system to a LAN hub, concentrator or Ethernet switch, the system can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world. A unit will monitor eight inputs and each input can be individually set as metering (voltage monitoring) or status (binary). Multiple units can be tied together (via the software control panel) for monitoring of more than eight sources. AC or dc measurements of zero to 160V, auto-ranging or user defined at 1, 4, 16, 64, or 256V full scale and an ac frequency range of 20 to 400Hz are also features of this product.
    info@witinc.netAudioarts Engineering IOC-16
    Input, output center
    Booth N1815

    This audio routing and switching system switches 16x16 stereo signals per switcher. Inputs and outputs can be a combination of analog or digital signals, and it combines 24 logic ports with multiple I/O centers, which may be linked together though AE Net to build a 256x256 mixed signal matrix. The Audioarts I/O Center works with AE Net and Net 75 Panels.
    sales@wheatstone.comProphet Systems XLR8R
    Podcast module
    Booth N3522, C4431

    With this system, users can create and post podcasts 10 times faster than conventional means. The Nexgen podcast module is user friendly and is easily integrated into the workflow at a radio station. The module helps users to craft compelling, original and experimental programming.
    sales@prophetsys.comOut and About in Las VegasFree Internet Access
    Wi-fi Freespot provides a list of free Internet access points around the country. Search the Nevada listings at and you'll find some of the most convenient spots in Las Vegas. Here are some of them.
  • Apple Store - and nearby area outside store - Fashion Show Mall - 3200 Las Vegas Blvd. S. STE 1760 - 702-650-9550
  • Buffalo Wild Wings - 6640 N. Durango - 702-395-2455
  • Buffalo Wild Wings - 4280 S. Hualapai Way - 702-251-3911
  • Buffalo Wild Wings - 7345 S. Durango - 702-260-4800
  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Coffee house) - 4550 S. Maryland Parkway, Suite A -(702-944-5029
  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - 7291 W. Lake Mead Drive - 702-944-0030
  • East Boy Japanese Restaurant - 4755 Maryland Pkwy - 702-798-1777
  • Elysium Internet Cafe - 7875 W. Sahara Ave. - 702-307-4931
  • Hamburger Mary's - 4503 Paradise Rd - 702-735-4400
  • It's A Grind Coffee House - 8899 Eastern Ave. - 702-260-0430
  • It's A Grind Coffee House - 8470 West Desert Inn Rd. - 702-360-4232
  • It's A Grind Coffee House - 4190 S. Rainbow Blvd - 702-220-7946
  • Krispy Kreme - 7015 W. Spring Mountain Rd., 9791 S. Eastern Avenue and 301 Fremont St.
  • Krispy Kreme - inside Excalibur Casino, 3850 Las Vegas Boulevard South
  • Clark County Library System locations:
    Library District Headquarters - Las Vegas-Clark County Library District - 833 Las Vegas Boulevard, North - 702-734-READ Clark County Library - 1401 E Flamingo Rd - 702-507-3400 Enterprise Library - 25 E Shelbourne Ave - 702-507-3760 Las Vegas Library - 833 Las Vegas Blvd N - 702-507-3500 Rainbow Library - 3150 N Buffalo Dr - 702-507-3710 Sahara West Library - 9600 W Sahara Ave - 702-507-3630 Spring Valley Library - 4280 S Jones Blvd - 702-507-3820 Summerlin Library - 1771 Inner Cir - 702-507-3860 Sunrise Library - 5400 Harris Ave - 702-507-3900 West Charleston Library - 6301 W Charleston Blvd - 702-507-3940 West Las Vegas Library - 951 W Lake Mead Blvd - 702-507-3980 Whitney Library - 5175 E Tropicana Ave - 702-507-4010
  • TA Service Station and Truck Stop - intersection of Blue Diamond Hwy (Rte 160) and Industrial Drive
  • Nextel Central Station - Las Vegas Convention Center Monorail Station - behind the retail store - 3300 Paradise Rd - 702-862-2626
  • Doubletree Club Hotel Las Vegas Airport - main floor public areas - 7250 Pollock Drive - 702-948-4000
  • LaQuinta Inns - 3970 South Paradise - 702-796-9000
    Convention EventsV-Soft Schedules Training at NAB2006
    Las Vegas - Dec 6, 2005 - V-Soft Communications has scheduled a training session to be held just before the NAB2006 convention in Las Vegas. The session will focus on broadcast engineering allocation problem solving using the company's software. Previous sessions have attracted a range of participants, from new users to experienced users.An RSVP is requested for the session to be held April 15 and 16, 2006 before the convention floor opens. E-mail Kate Michler at or call 800-743-3684. V-Soft also welcomes suggestions for discussion topics.Ghana Station, Korean Broadcasting System to Receive NAB Award
    Washington, DC - Mar 10, 2005 - Joy 99.7-FM and the Korean Broadcasting System will receive NAB's 2006 International Broadcasting Excellence Awards at the International Reception at NAB2006. The reception will be held April 24. The awards, established in 1995, recognize international broadcasters for exceptional leadership in bettering the lives of their communities and for significant contributions to the advancement of broadcasting through effective use of resources.Joy 99.7-FM was the first private commercial station in Ghana. Since 1995, the station has put help for children at the heart of its charity, the Joy Needy Fund. The fund acquired four acres of land and constructed the Orphanage at Frafraha, which cares for 120 children. Joy 99.7's charity also provides clothing, food and necessities to other orphanages and funds a home for mentally challenged children.The Joy Needy Fund screens children who have left school because of financial difficulty and sponsors their return to education. The station's fund annually feeds more than 35,000 people through its Easter Soup Kitchen, which has evolved into an event also providing basic medical care. Joy 99.7-FM has raised awareness of and raised thousands of dollars for children requiring major surgery and suffering from HIV, sexual abuse and hunger. The Joynews Team was the first to monitor and report on general and parliamentary elections in Ghana.The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), a provider of innovative audience services, is now the first broadcaster in the world to provide terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB), a new form of mobile broadcasting. Launched Dec. 1, 2005, T-DMB provides TV, radio and data services on mobile devices such as phone, PDA, digital camera and automobile receivers. Users can access weather, traffic, real time news and entertainment.KBS operates two free-to-air DMB channels, using content from the existing TV, audio and data channels. KBS provides four channels via DMB, including national news, youth and family programming, music and news, and a channel dedicated to public service information.Convention RegistrationFree Exhibits-only Passes
    Be a guest of Radio magazine and see the NAB2006 exhibits for free. Follow this link and register today.Product PeeksDielectric DFM series
    Manifold combiner
    Booth C2020

    The unit is similar in appearance to a traditional branch-style combiner, but the output manifold, which is comprised of one coaxial line, has a separate tee junction for each input frequency and a short circuit stub on the end farthest from the output. As with all combiners, each input to the manifold combiner requires a band-pass filter tuned for the input frequency. This filter rejects all other frequencies in the manifold.
    dcsales@dielectric.comAudio Processing Technology Worldnet Chicago Lite
    TCP/IP codec
    Booth N1217

    The Worldnet Chicago Lite features Enhanced Apt-x to provide a low-delay audio path via IP for AM, FM, DAB and HD Radio. It is scalable in bandwidth, with contact and optocouple closures for remote status and alarms. The unit occupies 1RU. A GUI is provided to adjust all parameters.
    aptmarketing@aptx.comHarris Masterlink IP
    Monitoring system
    Booth C807

    A flexible IP-based monitoring system for broadcasters with a large network of distant stations or translators, this system allows broadcasters to perform confidence monitoring and share resources over the public Internet. The system can also be used as a cost-efficient RPU or STL solution, linking audio across multiple sites over IP.
    broadcast@harris.comEnergy-Onix Legend 1500, ECO-15
    FM transmitters
    Booth N3335

    The Legend 1500 has a broadband design to make tuning easy. It includes a frequency-agile exciter, which allows the transmitter to serve as a main, backup, or emergency-use transmitter. Three solid-state amplifier drawers provide up to 1.5kW output. The ECO-15 is a single-tube, grounded-grid design that provides 5kW to 17.5kW of RF output. The 2kW solid-state driver can be used as a back-up transmitter. The final amplifier uses a 3CX15,000A7 tube.Did you know...?
    A: Charles Fey invented a slot machine named the Liberty Bell in 1899.A: Nevada is second in the world behind South Africa in gold production.Share this newsletter with your colleagues. You can also have the Radio magazine NAB Insider e-mail newsletter sent to your mailbox. Subscribe today at this link.