NAB Insider from Radio magazine - March 8, 2005

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NAB Insider from Radio magazine - March 8, 2005

Mar 8, 2005 1:00 AM

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  • Lucky to Deliver NAB Technology Luncheon Keynote Address
  • Do You Know Las Vegas?
  • Rohde and Schwarz FSH6:
  • RFS Broadcast CPF
  • Dorrough Electronics Program Alignment Generator Model 10
  • Audio Science ASI6416
  • Tascam VL-X5
  • HHB 1X-12X CR-R
  • Monday in the Broadcast Engineering Conference
  • Audemat-Aztec Goldeneagle HD
  • NKK Switches KP01
  • Prophet Systems Digilogger
  • Burk Technology G-Link G-Bus
  • Broadcast Warehouse DSP Extra
  • CBT Systems Raillight
  • Amateur Radio Reception
  • BE to Hold HD Radio Seminar
  • What to do When the Show is Over
  • Free Exhibits Passes to NAB2005
  • How Well do You Know Las Vegas?
    News from the ConventionLucky to Deliver NAB Technology Luncheon Keynote Address
    Robert Lucky, author and commentator on the state and future of data communications technology, will deliver the keynote address, Is Bandwidth Infinite? at the NAB Technology Luncheon April 20.Lucky, a renowned scientist, is perhaps best-known to most engineers for his regularly appearing Reflections column in IEEE Spectrum Magazine. Over the past 20 years, he has offered his philosophical and humorous observations on engineering, life and technology.Early in his 40-year career, Lucky invented the adaptive equalizer, the key component of all high-speed communications systems used today. He has led the development of breakthrough communications technologies at research laboratories such as Bell Labs and Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore), where he served as corporate vice president of applied research until his retirement in 2002.Lucky received his doctorate in electrical engineering from Purdue University in 1961 and has since been honored with four honorary doctorates. He has received a number of major awards, including the Marconi Prize and the IEEE Edison Medal.Do you know...?Do You Know Las Vegas?
    Test your knowledge of Las Vegas with this little quiz. The answers are below.
  • What year did the Las Vegas Convention Center open? The Nevada Gaming Commission was created that same year by the state legislature.
  • Match the Las Vegas hotel or casino to the year that it opened:
    Luxor� � � �� � � �1989 Hard Rock� � � �� � � �1990 Stratosphere� � � �� � � �1993 Mirage� � � �� � � �1946 Excalibur� � � �� � � �1996 Flamingo� � � �� � � �1995Products from the FloorSpectrum analyzer
    Rohde and Schwarz
    FSH6: The internal preamplifier of this analyzer provides a frequency range from 100kHz to 6GHz. The unit offers an average noise level typically of -135dBm (RBW 100Hz). Other features of this product are a 0.5dB level accuracy up to 6GHz, resolution bandwidths of 100Hz to 1MHz and a wide range of detectors: sample, max/min peak, auto peak and RMS.
    fax 410-910-7801
    info@rsa.rohde-schwarz.comSide-mounted FM antenna
    RFS Broadcast
    CPF: Featuring a stainless construction, the single-channel antenna is available with a power rating of 500W (CPF500) or 2.5kW (CPF2500) and is a lightweight solution for low to medium power applications in the 87.5MHz to 108MHz band. The antenna is a new incarnation of RFS's popular ECFM antenna, with extended power-range and other design enhancements. In particular, the radiation pattern and axial ratio of the side-mounted CPF-series has been enhanced to minimize tower effects and downward radiation.
    877-737 9675
    fax 203-821-3852
    literature.americas@rfsworld.comAudio alignment generator
    Dorrough Electronics
    Program Alignment Generator Model 10: The Audio Alignment Generator features a tone burst that makes it possible to confirm that a channel has sufficient headroom to pass the peak of the program material.
    fax 818-998-1507
    dorroughel@aol.comSound card
    Audio Science
    ASI6416: Using Peak Audio's Cobranet technology for streaming audio over Ethernet, the ASI6416 provides eight stereo/16 mono inputs and outputs. It can be connected to any Cobranet compliant device. MRX technology allows 16 streams of formats and sample rates to be played, recorded and mixed over Cobranet. A choice of 16-bit PCM, MP3 or MPEG layer 2 compression is available on all streams. Other features of this device include 8 stereo/16 mono inputs and outputs on Ethernet operating at 48kHz or 96kHz and 16, 20 or 24 bit PCM; its low profile PCI card allows use in 2RU computers; MRX technology supports recording, playing and mixing of multiple stream formats and sample rates; and TSX time scaling allows compression/expansion of play streams by as much as +/-20 percent with no pitch shift.
    fax 302-738-9434
    VL-X5: These powered speakers feature 5-1/4" woofers, silk-dome tweeters and a 60+30W bi-amplified active power amp. The monitors feature low- and high-frequency controls and an Acoustic Space Control to optimize their performance for room placement or listener preference. The monitors are shielded to prevent magnetic damage to CRTs. The deep cabinet and ported design produce a surprising amount of bass for the size of the monitors.
    fax 323-727-7635
    tascamlit@tascam.comRecordable discs
    1X-12X CR-R: Unlike conventional media, these discs are optimized for low speed 1X-12X writers, delivering low block error rates and low jitter in audio recording applications, while improving economy by reducing the operating stress on the lower-powered lasers used by audio CD recorders. The new CD-R discs replace the existing 1X-24X discs in an HHB Professional Recording Media range that also includes CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, Mini Disc, MO, DAT, ADAT and DTRS formats. The original HHB CDR74 Gold 1X-8X disc remains unchanged.
    fax 310-319-1311
    sales@hhbusa.comSession HighlightsMonday in the Broadcast Engineering Conference
    Between the convention floor and the session halls, you will find plenty to do to fill your day. Produced in partnership with the Society of Broadcast Engineers, the Broadcast Engineering Conference enters its 59th year by presenting topics that cover the entire range of radio broadcast engineering and more.Monday morning turns the attention to the tools required to evaluate digital systems. In room N110, Test, Measurement and Quality Control for a Digital Radio Plant includes IBOC Instrumentation Utilizing Novel Software Defined Radio Architecture by Eric Eckstein of QEI, Performance Measurements of Hybrid IBOC Signals by David Maxson of Broadcast Signal Lab, Practical Considerations in the Measurement of Power and VSWR in Broadcast Transmission Systems by Tim Holt of Bird Electronic, and Examples of AM Antenna Bandwidth from Over 50 Typical Cases by Ben Dawson of Hatfield and Dawson.On Monday afternoon, the session IT in the Radio Broadcast Facility focuses on the trend of viewing all radio operations as a data transport system. Bill Gould of Moseley Associates presents New STL/TSL Solutions for LAN/WAN Extension to Transmitter Sites, Steve Church of Telos Systems discusses Studio Structures for Surround Broadcasting, William Eldridge of U-Turn Media covers IT Service Management Applied to Broadcast Facilities, Al Salci of Sierra Automated Systems and Engineering presents Data Transport for Audio, Tom Hallewell of Radio Free Asia delves into Information Lifecycle Management for Broadcasters, Ray Miklius of Broadcast Electronics describes Broadcast Infrastructure Engineering of the Future, Phil Owens of Wheatstone talks about Data Transport for Audio, Frederick Gleason of Salem Radio Labs provides tips on Empowering Your Audience: Creating Rich Online Archives for Talk Radio, and Ted Staros of Harris looks into Distributed Intelligence Applied to Routing of Audio and Control in a Radio Broadcast Environment.More ProductsIBOC monitor
    Goldeneagle HD: This equipment monitors of the quality and continuity of HD Radio and FM signals as well as PAD and RBDS data. An embedded spectrum analyzer is available as an option to monitor power of the sidebands and other parameters. The monitor features an embedded Web server and SMTP server for alarm notification as well as a touchpad screen on the front panel. Installed on the transmitting site, it can also be used as a remote control unit by adding 16 digital inputs, 16 metering channels and 16 relay outputs.
    fax 305-249-3113
    NKK Switches
    KP01: Three cap sizes are available in the KP01 series: 12mm, 15mm and 17.4 mm. The compact design is 23mm from the PC board to the top of the cap and features a long travel of 4.5mm. Engineers can request legend packets, which help facilitate the ordering of customer specific legends. The switches are constructed with a red/green, built-in, bicolor LED. An amber color can be produced by simultaneous illumination of the red and green LEDs. The built-in LED frees engineers from having to source LEDs on their own and install them, or from having to assemble an LED into the base switch at all. A snap-in stand off provides secure PC board mounting and alignment. PCB layout is standard .100 X .100. Terminals are epoxy sealed to lock out flux, dust and other contaminants.
    fax 480-998-1435
    Prophet Systems
    Digilogger: This audio logging and digital archiving program allows the user to retain as much of the station's audio as needed using compressed or non-compressed audio formats. The logger is expandable, allowing recording from one to 16 sources simultaneously (mono or stereo) when used with the ASI8702 tuner-card. Multiple bit-rate storage per recording channel. Recording lengths and times are user-configurable and the unit can be configured to work with most analog or digital audio sources, including automation systems, satellite receivers and switchers. VU metering allows the user to monitor the current status of the recording.
    fax 308-284-4181
    sales@prophetsys.comExpansion series
    Burk Technology
    G-Link G-Bus: The G-Link G-Bus Expansion Series offers a new approach to remote control based on the established GSC3000 system. By adding G-Link products to a new or existing GSC3000 system, broadcasters can monitor facility conditions with plug-and-play convenience. G-Link units on display include the models AC-4 and AC-8 power strip controllers for remote management of 120V inputs such as HVAC appliances, lighting and computers. G-Link emphasizes economies of scale by integrating all remote facility monitoring on a single platform and using the same software and Web-based interfaces as the GSC3000.
    fax 978-486-0081
    sales@burk.comAdjustable LED light source
    CBT SystemsRaillight: This rack-mount light can be extended nine inches and rotated 180 degrees to light areas in a rack that conventional pull style lamps can't. The ergonomic extruded aluminum exterior houses 12 long-life LEDs and includes a rocker power switch that is always lit so it can be easily located, even in a dark room. The unit comes complete with a UL-approved 24V power supply.
    fax 858-536-2354
    julie@cbtsystems.tvAudio processor
    Broadcast Warehouse
    DSP Extra: This audio processor features a six-band limiter with advanced distortion control, multiband AGC adopted from Translantech Sound's Ariane digital audio leveler and split processing architecture that makes it suitable for simultaneous FM and digital radio services such as IBOC/HD and Internet streaming. The unit also provides TCP/IP and serial control, multiple factory and user-defined presets and front panel metering and a control system.
    +44 208 5409992
    fax +44 208 5409994
    info@broadcastwarehouse.comConvention EventsAmateur Radio Reception
    April 20, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
    Las Vegas Hilton Ballroom A Always a popular event at the convention, the reception draws attendees from all areas and interests. The event includes food and refreshments. A number of door prizes will be awarded as well. The event is sponsored by Heil Sound.BE to Hold HD Radio Seminar
    Broadcast Electronics will host its HD Radio seminar on April 16 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the LVCC N116. The seminar will continue the company's educational efforts on HD Radio with practical examples and an update on the company's products. The seminar also will serve as a discussion forum for broadcasters interested in field-tested HD Radio conversion techniques and new developments. Register by e-mail to and About in Las VegasWhat to do When the Show is Over
    Here are some ways to have some fun.
  • High Roller Coaster, Big Shot, X Scream
    Stratosphere Tower Hotel & Casino
    The High Roller Coaster, the highest coaster in the world, wraps itself around the crown of the Stratosphere the tallest building west of the Mississippi. The Big Shot takes off at the base of the Stratosphere needle and shoots 160 feet in the air and freefalls back down. X Scream is shaped like a giant teeter-totter. The open vehicle propels riders head-first, 27 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower and dangles them above the Strip before pulling riders back and over again. Insanity is an inverted centrifuge. It will spin 10 passengers at 40mph, simulating a force three times gravity 64 feet past the edge of the Stratosphere Tower. It is due to open early this year.
  • Speed-The Ride
    Sahara Hotel and Casino
    A roller coaster that begins inside the NASCAR Caf� and then speeds along the Strip.
  • Manhattan Express
    New York-New York Hotel and Casino
    This Coney Island-style roller coaster twists, loops and dives around the resort's perimeter.
  • Las Vegas Cyber Speedway
    Sahara Hotel and Casino
    Command race cars 7/8 the size of actual stock cars as they speed around a track modeled on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
    Convention RegistrationFree Exhibits Passes to NAB2005
    Be a guest of Radio magazine at NAB2005. Follow this link to register for a free exhibits-only pass for the convention. The Radio magazine code is AC46.Did you know...?How Well do You Know Las Vegas?
  • The Las Vegas Convention Center opened and the Nevada Gaming Commission was created by the state legislature in 1959.
  • The hotel or casino and the year match ups are: Luxor 1993; Hard Rock 1995, Stratosphere 1996, Mirage 1989, Excalibur 1990, Flamingo 1946