NAB Insider - March 30, 2004

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NAB Insider - March 30, 2004

Mar 1, 2004 12:00 PM


  • Omnia Partners with the Radio Experience
  • Test your knowledge of Las Vegas Trivia
  • Audio-Technica Midnight Blues 1 and 3
  • Harris Mini HD
  • Comrex STAC6 and STAC12
  • Sonifex S2
  • 25-Seven Audio Time Manager
  • Pyramid Speaker
  • Gepco International 61801 EZ
  • KLZ Innovations Wire Relay
  • Total Training Adobe Audition training
  • Musicam USA Roadstar
  • Neumann BCM104
  • TDK 23.3GB
  • Radio RF and Transmission Developments
  • RDS and Data Broadcasting
  • Radio and Television Career Fair
  • Nautel�s User Group Goes to Vegas
  • Things to See and Do
  • Download the FASTtrack for your PDA
  • Get an Exhibits-only Pass from Radio magazine
  • How Well do You Know Las Vegas?

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News from the Convention

Omnia Partners with the RadioExperience

Cleveland - Mar 23, 2004 - Omnia Audio has partnered with The Radio Experience in a joint venture to provide the data technology for broadcasters to datacast via RBDS, IBOC and Internet sites. RBDS hardware products offered by Omnia and The Radio Experience are slated to include an RBDS encoder with integrated RBDS accelerator, to give broadcasters the ability to send text information to both radiotext and dynamic PS displays, and a dynamic data processor that provides data distribution capabilities for RBDS and IBOC. Software products will include Now Playing software to interface RBDS with automation systems for automatic music information retrieval, and News Flash, which enables studio operators to broadcast up-to-the-minute weather reports, RBDS Traffic alerts, AMBER Alerts and sponsor participation in RBDS, IBOC and website displays.

Do you know...?

Test your knowledge of Las Vegas Trivia

You may have been to Las Vegas many times, but how much do you really know about the town?

  • What is the Nevada state tax on gambling revenues?
  • The largest hotel in the United States is in Las Vegas. What is its name and how many rooms does it have?
  • On the Strip across the street from the Sahara is an empty lot. This lot has been empty for 40 years. What originally stood here?
  • Speaking of empty lots, what was Steve Wynn's first Las Vegas real estate investment? Where was it?

    The answers are below.

New Products from the Floor

Audio-Technica MidnightBlues 1 and 3

Booth N3712

The MB1k and MB3k unidirectional dynamic vocal microphones feature a Hi-Energy neodymium magnet structure for maximum output and fast transient response, a Magna-Lock switch design for silent on-off operation as well as corrosion-resistant gold-plated XLRM connectors. The mics also includes the AT8470 Quiet-Flex stand clamp and 5/8"-27 to 3/8"-16 threaded adapter. All models are available with an optional (15') XLRM cable.

Harris Mini HD

Booth C1906

With this new line of 10W to 600W HD Radio transmitters, Harris can now support multiplexer input, interleaved antenna and separate antenna applications. Like the Z-HD radio transmitters, the Mini-HD line is available with the Neustar option, which can be configured to enable supplemental audio channels and 5.1 surround sound applications.

Comrex STAC6 and STAC12

Booth N2722

These Studio Telephone Access Centers (STAC) for listener lines, talk shows and call-in segments incorporate two digital telephone hybrids handling up to four callers. It is offered in six and 12 phone line versions with the ability to upgrade in the field. The accompanying control surface supports unique producer and screener configurations. IP-based call screening and control is embedded, enabling operation from virtually anywhere. Other unique features include auto-attendant and support of up to four control surfaces.

Sonifex S2

Booth C5236

This small format, modular digital I/O analog radio broadcast mixer offers digital and analog input channels, together with simultaneous analog and digital outputs. This product offers features such as flush-mounting chassis, a wide range of input and output channels, PFL/cue, fader-start operation of equipment, automatic monitor muting on mic-live and light switching remote outputs. Optional EQ on input modules is available and gram amp input options and 2 main audio buses allow the user to broadcast on the PRG bus while recording on the AUD bus, with bus output selection on each module.

25-Seven Audio Time Manager


ATM allows users to delay the start of live programs and shorten their duration, in real-time, to accommodate the unexpected or create additional availabilities on an on-going basis. Its time compression technology is clean so that users can conservatively add about three minutes per hour to a schedule. Depending on the program source, users can more than double that and still maintain acceptable broadcast spoken language quality. The scheduler does not remove important content, change pitch, damage inflection or create artifacts. It integrates into digital and analog radio facilities providing smooth content insertions, network rejoins and broadcast delays.

Pyramid Speaker

Booth N1300

The design philosophy behind this speaker was to replicate modern boombox sound, which is created by being housed in plastic. The Pyramids use similar materials to copy this sound so that the engineer has a reference point for what the audience is hearing on its low quality audio products. Features of this speaker include 5 to 30W power rating; 8 ohms impedance; 80Hz to 18kHz frequency response; and banana-style inputs. The speakers dimensions are 7.12"H x 7.87"W x 6.5"D and it weighs 2.8lbs.

Gepco International 61801 EZ

Booth C1429

This single-pair audio cable is available in 20 colors with a new riser rated PVC jacket to allow for more color-coding options and improved flexibility. The cable features stranded, tinned-copper conductors that facilitate quick soldering or punch-down, and a high-grade polyethylene dielectric. In addition, each pair is shielded with an easy-to-strip, bonded foil shield with drain wire. These materials, combined with Gepco�s uniform pair twisting process and tight mechanical tolerances, yield exceptionally low loss and noise. As with most Gepco products, this audio cable is UL listed CMR for permanent installation in a wide variety of locations.

KLZ Innovations Wire Relay

Booth N724

An IP-based content distribution system, Wire Relay enables multisite NewsRoom4 users to create their own news network, keeping affiliates supplied with current, targeted material. Stories received by a hub site are automatically pushed out to wire stores at locations across the system. Any embedded audio travels with the text, creating a local copy with ActiveX control at the destination. Configuration options allow the hub to determine which stories are forwarded, and to where.

Total Training Adobe Auditiontraining

Booth SL5526

Adobe Audition handle digital audio editing tasks within a single application. With multitracking capability to record, mix, and edit sessions with up to 128 stereo tracks, this audio program puts the power of a full recording studio in your hands. Total Training has developed a video training title, Total Training Presents: The Essentials of Adobe Audition. In close to four hours of instruction on two DVDs, Adobe audio evangelist Jason Levine walks through the full scope of Audition�s audio capabilities, from quickly constructing soundtracks with convenient looping tools, to creating effects, to using the program�s mastering tools to finalize audio mixes.

Musicam USA Roadstar

Booth N1006

Based on the NetStar IP and ISDN digital audio codec, this product is housed in a compact, portable enclosure with protective elements for controls, cables and connectors. Four Neutrik XLR inputs feed clearly labeled individual level and pan controls. Each input can be switched for mic, line or unbalanced operation. All inputs are equipped with switchable phantom power. A separate AES/EBU input can be enabled to bypass the mixer section. Analog and AES/EBU outputs for return audio are standard. The codec can send and simultaneously receive bi-directional audio via IP through its Ethernet port, and can connect to ISDN codecs through its 1-BRI ISDN terminal adapter. Both U and S/T ISDN interfaces are supported. Simultaneous operation on both IP and ISDN is possible. The unit comes complete with coding algorithms including G.711, G.722, MPEG 1 and 2 Layer II and MPEG 1 and 2 Layer 3 to ensure compatibility with older CCS and other codecs.

Neumann BCM104

Booth N2812

The first product in the broadcast line, this condenser mic offers an independent, functionally-optimized design derived from 3D simulations. The large-diaphragm condenser capsule features a cardioid directional pattern with internally switchable proximity effect compensation. A second switch allows the sensitivity to be reduced by 14dB. The microphone headgrille twists off for quick cleaning. Optional, color-coded headgrills are available. The BCM 104 has an elastic mount.

TDK 23.3GB

Booth SU9512

This prototype blue laser disc for Sony's Professional Disc for DATA system is designed for archiving and backing-up various data recording solutions including next-generation optical libraries.

Session Highlights

Radio RF andTransmission Developments

April 20, 9 a.m. to 12 noon, room N110

The morning sessions of the Broadcast Engineering conference look into the recent developments in RF.

The first session of the day is called Linearity Performance Measurements in Modern AM Transmitters and the Relationship to HD-Radio and DRM Performance. Geoffrey Mendenhall, VP of advanced product development for Harris, will expand on the topic discussed in Performance of Modern AM Modulation Methods for Linear Digital Broadcast Applications by Hilmer Swanson and John Delay to provide a direct comparison between linearity measurements and the relative performance of different digital modulation methods.

David Maxson, managing partner of Broadcast Signal Lab, will present the session called IBOC RF Measurements. As stations deploy IBOC digital signals, new issues arise in the measurement of these complex waveforms. Maxson will discuss the future of RF measurements for radio broadcasting.

AM IBOC digital transmission places high demands on antenna system bandwidth, both from the standpoint of the input impedance at the transmitter load. Evaluation and Improvement of AM Antenna Characteristics for Optimal Digital will present the steps that can be taken to evaluate both aspects of antenna performance. Ronald Rackley, partner with du Treil, Lundin and Rackley, will present.

Design and Field Results for the Utilization of Circulators in High Power Broadcast Transmission Systems is the title of the presentation from Jim Stenberg, director of advanced RF development for Dielectric Communications. The use of circulators to combine analog and digital FM signals will be described.

Mike Bergman, senior manager for digital broadcast with Kenwood, will explore the results from extensive field testing of FM IBOC and Tomorrow Radio in the session called HD Radio FM Broadcast Coverage - What To Expect.

The concept and practical implementation of the EH Antenna will be described in a session of the same name. Ted Hart, CEO of EH Antenna Systems, will present.

RDS and Data Broadcasting

April 20, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., room N110

While the technology is officially called RBDS in the United States, this confused-name portion of the Broadcast Engineering conference will investigate the renewed interest in RBDS and datacasting, particularly with its potential suitability for IBOC.

RDS Implementation in the U.S. will be a panel discussion about the current state of RBDS. Panelists will include Marshall Bandy, president of Data FM; Kelly Christensen, CEO of Stratos Audio; Allen Hartle, president of The Radio Experience; Jeff Littlejohn, VP of engineering operations for Clear Channel; Jeff Marrah, engineering group manager of Delphi Electronics; and Chad Steelberg, chairman and CEO of Dmarc Networks.

Jackson Wang, president and CEO of E-Radio, will presente the session called Enabling the Application Layer in Broadcast Based Datacasting. Program-associated-data (PAD) and non-program-associated-data (NPAD) will be discussed with examples of the Canadian experiences in development and deployment of weather, news, sports, traffic bulletins and emergency notification services.

Dave Casey, assistance chief engineer, and Tom McGinley, director of engineering, both of Infinity Seattle, will co-present Song Title and Artist over RDS - The Nuts and Bolts. They will detail their experiences in implementing song title and artist information using RBDS.

Jeff Detweiler, broadcast technology manager of Ibiquity Digital, will discuss the three types of built-in data broadcasting capability of IBOC - MPS, SIS, and AAS � in the session called IBOC Data Services Overview.

In Methodology for Data Service Multiplexing, Paul Signorelli, CTO of Impulse Radio, will discuss various methodologies for multiplexing data services over the transmission layer, often referred to as layer 1, of the IBOC system.

Ray Miklius, vice president, studio systems for Broadcast Electronics, will present IBOC Data Broadcasting at Your Station, which will provide an end-to-end description of how the introduction of data broadcasting over IBOC will affect station facilities.

Many technology developers believe that they have the killer app for IBOC. In this session, Joseph Reed, chief information officer of Mobility Technologies, will present Traffic Data - The Killer App? to discuss advanced traffic monitoring capabilities.

Convention Events

Radio and Television Career Fair

On April 18 from 12 noon to 5 p.m., the NAB, Broadcast Education Association and and Radio-Television News Directors Association will hold their annual career fair. Representatives from radio and television stations seeking employees for jobs ranging from entry-level to management positions will be on hand to accept resumes and discuss career opportunities. Admission is free to all job seekers and registrants of the NAB2004, BEA2004 and RTNDA@NAB conventions. Job seekers may register for free on-site but are encouraged to post their resumes at

The fair will be held in LVCC room N252.

Nautel�s User Group Goes toVegas

Hackett's Grove, NS - Nautel will host a Nautel User�s Group (NUG) session in Las Vegas on April 18 from 9 a.m. until 12noon at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. The gathering will feature the Nautel customer service staff discussing tips and tricks for AM and FM transmitters and the company's sales and marketing staff providing preview of the company's new transmitters.

The company's design engineers and other Nautel users will have a chance to participate in a round table discussion about transmitter issues and solutions. There will be a complimentary lunch and prize draw following the NUG@NAB2004 seminar.

The NUG will also add a seminar to be held at a Nautel facility later in the year.

To become a NUG member or would like to attend this year�s NUG@NAB2004 seminar, send an e-mail to Include your name, preferred e-mail address, telephone number, call sign and Nautel equipment you presently own or operate.

Out and About in Las Vegas

Things to See and Do

There's more to do than just gamble in Las Vegas. In previous weeks we have introduced you to some sights around the Las Vegas area. This week, we stay in the hotels to feature some of the traditional features of the town. All of these activities are free.

The Bellagio runs the Water Fountain Show Sunday through Friday from 5 p.m. to midnight, and Saturday from 2 p.m. to midnight. The shows run every half hour.

Caesars Palace features the Atlantis Water Show in the Forum Shops near FAO Schwarz. The first show is at 10 a.m. and the last show is at 11 p.m. daily on the hour.

At the Excalibur, Merlin subdues a fire-breathing dragon in the hotel's moat. The best view is from the driveway or the drawbridge. The battle takes place every hour on the hour from 6 p.m. to midnight nightly, depending on weather conditions.

The Fremont Street Experience was built a few years ago to attract the crowds to downtown Las Vegas. The light and sound show features more than two million lights and 540,000 watts of sound. Shows run every night on the hour beginning at dusk with the last show at midnight.

Treasure Island, long known for its pirate battle in Bucaneer Bay has, replaced the aquatic battle with a new show called Sirens, which features female performers. It runs nightly in front of the hotel at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 7 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 10 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

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Did you know...?

How Well do You Know Las Vegas?

Let's see how you did.

The Nevada state tax on gambling revenues is 6.25 percent (this is what the casinos pay).

The MGM Grand is the nation's largest hotel with more than 5,000 rooms. The Western wing of the MGM Grand is actually the old Marina Hotel and Casino. It was renovated and connected with the new building instead of being razed.

The vacant lot across from the Sahara has been empty since the original El Rancho Vegas burned down on that site 40 years ago. The original El Rancho was one of the first resorts on the strip. Later, another hotel and casino called the El Rancho was built farther South on the Strip.

Steve Wynn's first Las Vegas investment was a large parking lot next to Caesars Palace. When he announced plans to build a hotel on the lot, Caesars Palace became nervous and paid Wynn a premium for the property.