NAB Launches Campaign Promoting Radio-enabled Mobile Devices

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NAB Launches Campaign Promoting Radio-enabled Mobile Devices

Apr 21, 2011 9:51 AM

Washington - Apr 20, 2011 - The National Association of Broadcasters has unveiled a new campaign to educate listeners about the benefits of radio-enabled mobile devices in providing local news, entertainment and emergency lifeline information. The initiative uses on-air and online resources to encourage listeners to seek out cell phones with broadcast radio capability.

This is a continuation of the already begun effort, but rather than focus on passing legislation to require the receivers to be included in phones, the NAB is turning its attention on creating consumer demand for the feature.

Featuring radio spots in English and Spanish and print ads for use by local stations, the campaign promotes to help listeners learn more. In addition to providing information about the role radio can play during emergency situations, the website offers details about consumer demand for radio-enabled mobile phones, including a poll that found 73 percent of cell phone owners said having free, local radio as an option on their phone is important to them.

The campaign coincides with a letter NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith sent members of Congress urging them not to support the Creativity and Innovation Resolution, which opposes manufacturers' inclusion of radio broadcast tuners in wireless devices. The letter highlights the role radio stations can play in providing life-saving information during emergencies when cell phone service is unavailable.

NAB, Alert FM to Present Radio-ready Cellphone Showcase at 2011 NAB Show

The display will be in booth N3438 at the convention....