NAB Launches

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NAB Launches

Sep 29, 2010 11:40 AM

Washington -- The National Association of Broadcasters has launched a consumer-oriented website,, promoting radio-capable mobile phones and educating Americans on the benefits of the technology. More than 239 million Americans age 12 and older listen to radio every week, according to Arbitron.

The site details the benefits of radio-enabled cell phones, notes that the U.S. market lags behind other countries with regard to the integrated technology, and encourages visitors to write their lawmaker expressing support for the technology. The few cell phone models that are radio-enabled and available in the United States are highlighted on the website.

The site also references a recent nationwide online poll conducted by Harris Interactive, which shows that 76 percent of American cell phone owners would consider paying a one-time additional fee to gain over-the-air access to free and local radio stations through their mobile phone.

Radio in Cell Phones

The results Harris poll show that a sizeable majority of American cell phone users would like the ability to listen to radio stations through their mobile phone. ...

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