NAB Launches Technology Advocacy Program Called Fastroad

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NAB Launches Technology Advocacy Program Called Fastroad

Apr 9, 2007 12:00 PM

Washington - Apr 9, 2007 - The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has created a long-term technology advocacy program designed to seek and facilitate development and commercialization of new technologies for radio and TV. The multi-year, multi-million dollar program will be named NAB Fastroad (Flexible Advanced Services for Television and Radio On All Devices).

NAB Fastroad is a result of the NAB Technology Advocacy Committee in accordance with the sustained priority placed on technology by NAB Joint Board Chairman Bruce Reese and NAB President David Rehr. Consisting of NAB Board members, the NAB Technology Advocacy Committee held its first meeting in March 2006 and subsequently conducted a year-long deliberative decision-making investigation, including briefings by outside consultants, economic and technical analysis of technology developments, and technical review of potential projects through a technology discovery group process. Based on this work, the NAB board of directors decided unanimously in January 2007 to launch the program and the NAB's Executive Committee approved organizational details in late March.

NAB Fastroad will be managed overall by a steering committee consisting of NAB executive staff, board members and other representatives from NAB broadcast member organizations. Project selection and implementation will be handled by a technical committee of selected NAB member company engineers and staff from the NAB Science and Technology Department. Participation by NPR Laboratories and MSTV has also been established to coordinate with other ongoing technical programs in the radio and TV broadcasting sectors. The program will principally concentrate on technologies and services related to over-the-air digital transmission.