NAB Radio Update - Sep 27, 2005

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NAB Radio Update - Sep 27, 2005

Sep 27, 2005 12:00 PM

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  • HD Radio to be Tested in Switzerland
  • Attendance Up at NAB Radio 2005
  • Boost Communications Becomes Msnap Interactive
  • Marconi Award Winners Announced
  • HD Radio takes Center Stage at NAB Radio Show
  • Emmis Radio Chooses Media Monitors in Multi-year Deal
  • Orban Optimod-AM 9400
  • Broadcast Electronics AV Logger
  • BIA Financial Network Media Access Pro v4.1
  • Sierra Automated Systems Rubicon SL
  • Ibiquity Announces Winners of HD Radio Contest
  • Promo Only Partners with OMT for Digital Distribution
  • 2006 NAB Radio Show, R&R Show Co-located
  • Dataworld Showcases Services as Division of BIA
  • Dice Unveils After-market HD Radio Integration
  • Harris, Neural Host Live 5.1 Broadcast
  • Audion Laboratories Voxpro Version 4.0
  • Harris Vistamax Control Center
  • Traffic One
  • BE Now Playing, Now Playing Plus Upgrade
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    Quincy, IL and Columbia, MD - Sep 23, 2005 - Broadcast Electronics (BE) and Ibiquity Digital will participate in HD Radio testing in Switzerland. The first HD Radio broadcasts there could be heard as early as next spring on 88 Radio Sunshine, located near Lucerne. BE has agreed to supply the HD Radio transmission equipment and technical expertise to begin comprehensive testing, which may occur over a period as long as two years, starting with field-strength measurements of HD Radio broadcasts on Radio Sunshine''s main channel.Based on initial results, subsequent testing could include multicasting supplemental audio channels and synchronous digital broadcasts on some of the station''s 12 other boosters and translators. Pending the results of the tests, Radio Sunshine will seek approval from the Office F�d�ral de la Communication (OFCOM) for the operational use of HD Radio in Switzerland before year 2010. No new tuners are required; HD Radio tuners currently marketed in the United States will receive HD Radio broadcasts by stations in Switzerland.HD Radio as a standard in Switzerland is being sought in addition to other standards such as Eureka 147 DAB and Digital Radio Mondiale.Attendance Up at NAB Radio 2005
    Washington, DC - Sep 27, 2005 - The official attendance numbers from the National Association of Broadcasters show a 15 percent increase in the number of attendees at the NAB Radio show last week. The total number of attendees to the convention in Philadelphia was 3,789.Boost Communications Becomes Msnap Interactive
    San Diego, CA - Sep 21, 2005 - As part of a new corporate branding strategy Boost Communications will change its name to Msnap Interactive. The change reflects the company''s increased emphasis on making mobile interactivity as easy as possible for radio, sports and entertainment clients. The Msnap Interactive brand strategy, displayed for the first time at the NAB Radio show, includes a new company name, tagline, identity, creative campaign, website and marketing materials.Msnap''s implementation software guides clients through the setup and execution of SMS promotions. The online campaign management tool allows for quick and easy promotion launch, and provides in-depth reporting and analysis capabilities for optimizing future campaigns. Upfront costs are low to facilitate the immediate launch of revenue-generating SMS promotions.Marconi Award Winners Announced
    Philadelphia - Sep 26, 2005 - The winners of the 2005 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Marconi Radio Awards were announced at the annual NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner and Show cosponsored by BMI. The event was held in conjunction with The NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia. The NAB Marconi Radio Awards are presented to radio stations and on-air personalities to recognize excellence in radio. This year's recipients are:
    Legendary Station WIBC-AM Indianapolis, IN
    Adult Standards Station of the Year KJUL-FM Las Vegas, NV
    Network Syndicated Personality of the Year Rush Limbaugh, Premiere Radio Networks CHR
    Station of the Year WSTR-FM Atlanta, GA
    Major Market Station of the Year WTOP-AM Washington, DC
    Classical Station of the Year KDFC-FM San Francisco, CA
    Large Market Station of the Year WSB-AM Atlanta, GA
    Country Station of the Year WIVK-FM Knoxville, TN
    Medium Market Station of the Year WDBO-AM Orlando, FL
    NAC/Jazz Station of the Year KIFM-FM San Diego, CA
    Small Market Station of the Year WJBC-AM Bloomington, IL
    News/Talk/Sports Station of the Year WIBC-AM Indianapolis, IN
    Major Market Personality of the Year Bill Handel, KFI-AM Los Angeles, CA
    Oldies Station of the Year KCMO-FM Kansas City, MO
    Large Market Personality of the Year Lanigan & Malone, WMJI-FM Cleveland, OH
    Religious Station of the Year KLTY-FM Dallas, TX
    Medium Market Personality of the Year Don Weeks, WGY-AM Albany, NY
    Rock Station of the Year WFBQ-FM Indianapolis, IN
    Small Market Personality of the Year Ward Jacobson & Cathy Blythe, KFOR-AM Lincoln, NE
    Spanish Station of the Year KLVE-FM Los Angeles, CA
    AC Station of the Year WBEB-FM Philadelphia, PA
    Urban Station of the Year WBLS-FM New York, NYHD Radio takes Center Stage at NAB Radio Show
    Visitors to the Ibiquity Digital booth at the NAB Radio show had a lot to see and do. Among the attractions offered to IBOC-savvy convention goers were a bevy of HD Radio receivers, live multicast and data demonstrations, and a cover-to-cover peek at the new HD Radio Playbook. In addition, Ibiquity executives were featured in three conference sessions focused on the promotion and deployment of HD Radio technology. On display in the Ibiquity''s booth:
  • HD Radio receivers from Boston Acoustics, Eclipse, JVC, Kenwood, Panasonic, Polk, Radiosophy, Sanyo and Yamaha.
  • An HD Radio integration solution for OEM car audio control head''s offered by Dice Electronics, which is said to allows consumers to listen to digital AM/FM HD Radio signals with many existing vehicle audio systems, without having to replace their factory-installed car radios.
  • Live multicast programming courtesy of Beasley Broadcasting''s WXTU-FM 92.5. The station recently began multicasting a new sister format, XTU-Channel 2, featuring breaking country music artists.
  • A kiosk featuring a Real Traffic demonstration with Smart Route systems from Westwood One showed how HD Radio technology can be used to provide local traffic updates.
  • Live access to, a website launched this summer to provide broadcast executives and station personnel with tools for promoting and explaining HD Radio to radio consumers. HD Radio systems and applications were also featured at the booths of Broadcast Electronics, Harris, Radiosophy and Radio Chooses Media Monitors in Multi-year Deal
    Philadelphia - Sep 22, 2005 - Media Monitors, an online radio monitoring company, has signed an agreement with Emmis Radio to provide the radio group with advertisement tracking services of major newspapers in addition to its radio monitoring service. Paper Vue can view newspaper ads, the ad''s page number and a visual of the ad itself. This information can then be directly viewed against radio spot placement and frequency for the same advertiser, or compared with similar advertisers.Emmis will be using this service at its New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, Phoenix, Indianapolis and Austin, TX, radio station clusters.Products from the FloorOrban Optimod-AM 9400
    The 9400 contains two processing chains for AM analog broadcasting and netcasting/digital radio broadcasting. The only processing common to the two channels is the AGC and stereo enhancer. Beyond this front-end processing, each processing chain has its own equalizer, five-band compressor and limiter, and peak limiter, each optimized for its intended transmission channel. The analog chain peak limiter uses Orban''s multiband distortion-canceled clipper and overshoot compensator, while the digital chain uses an advanced, low-IM look-ahead limiter to make the most of low bit-rate codecs like the HDC codec used in the Ibiquity HD AM system.Sierra Automated Systems Rubicon SL
    The Rubicon SL radio broadcast console control surface is for the smaller market station or less demanding studio. Like its bigger brother Rubicon, the SL offers complete integration with the SAS 32KD and the SAS Connected Digital Network, as well as stand-alone operation with the new upgraded Riolink mixer and router.Harris Vistamax Control Center
    The new Vistamax Control Center software panels are for commissioning and management of the Vistamax networked audio management platform. The software panels provide access to Vistamax switching over an individual PC workstation or across a corporate LAN, further increasing user flexibility and saving rack space.BIA Financial Network Media Access Pro v4.1
    Broadcast media database
    This latest version of Media Access offers several new key data fields to include estimated group and station market revenue shares, more extensive population coverage, and other new searchable and exportable fields. The Competition tab provides an immediate view into critical data, such as historical revenue shares for each competing station within the 296 Arbitron-rated markets. Estimated group revenue shares are provided on a market-by-market basis. Revenue share estimates are updated quarterly and include all stations owned and operated under Local Marketing Agreement in the market, as well as pending acquisitions.More Convention NewsIbiquity Announces Winners of HD Radio Contest
    Philadelphia - Sep 22, 2005 - The overall winner of the nationwide HD Radio promotion contest, sponsored by Ibiquity, is Mark Tammany of WKQX-FM in Chicago for the HD Radio promo entitled, "Stay Tuned," which won the Best in Show category. Tammany won the top prize of $10,000. Five other people won $1,000 for various types of radio talent involved in developing promos. The winners of these are:
  • Best AM HD Radio On-Air Promo - Mike Amatori, KGO/KSFO/ABC, San Francisco.
  • Best FM HD Radio On-Air Promo - Randy Gross, WARM-FM, York, PA.
  • Best Independent Producer-Created On-Air Promo - Ron Harper, Ron Harper Voiceovers, Mason, OH.
  • Best HD Radio promo copy - Doug Zanger, Entercom, Portland, OR.
  • Best HD Radio page on a station website - Eli Christopher, KBKS-FM, Seattle, WA. The HD Radio nationwide promotion contest was launched in conjunction with the HD Radio Playbook, an online HD Radio promotion guide for AM and FM stations.Promo Only Partners with OMT for Digital Distribution
    Orlando, FL - Sep 26, 2005 - Promo Only, a digital music distributor, has integrated its Promo Only MPE service into OMT's Imediatouch Software Suite. This addition allows radio stations using Imediatouch instant track delivery.Promo only is a secure media, digital delivery system created by technology partner Destiny Media Technologies. The system locks the distributed tracks and allows labels to specifically authorize their content to a unique user.Imediatouch is an integrated suit of software that provides radio stations and non-traditional audio broadcasters with a digital delivery and automation solution.2006 NAB Radio Show, R&R Show Co-located
    Washington, DC - Sep 19, 2005 - The National Association of Broadcasters will be co-locating its 2006 Radio Show in Dallas with the annual R&R Convention. Both of the Dallas conventions will be held at the Wyndham Anatole Hotel on Sept. 20-22, 2006. Attendees registering for either convention will be given access to sessions at both of the events."We plan on combining the energies of two great radio events to give programmers and management even more opportunity to interact," said John David, executive vice president, NAB Radio.Dataworld Showcases Services as Division of BIA
    Chantilly, VA - Sep 21, 2005 - As a newly acquired division of BIA Financial Network, Dataworld had several of its key services on display at the NAB Radio show. BIA demonstrated enhancements to the Dataworld Flag Service, FM Explorer and Custom Mapping services. The Flag Service is a first alert service that delivers a notice when FCC changes affect specific points of data in a given market; FM Explorer is a tool for creative FM allocation work and signal optimization; and Custom Mapping is a service that provides maps for any region worldwide created to exact specifications and based on FCC contours and Longley-Rice.Convention EventsDice Unveils After-market HD Radio Integration
    Lake Tahoe, NV - Sep 20, 2005 - Dice Electronics unveiled its HD Radio integration solution for OEM head units during the NAB Radio show in Philadelphia."Customers can now enjoy true CD quality digital broadcast in their existing vehicle's audio system," said Jim Lucas, vice president of sales for Dice.Harris, Neural Host Live 5.1 Broadcast
    Cincinnati - Sep 22, 2005 - Harris Broadcast Communications Division provided a live 5.1 surround sound broadcast of two local Philadelphia FM stations during the NAB Radio show. Radio One produced live 5.1 transmissions of its Philadelphia stations WPPZ-FM and WRNB-FM using a Harris Z Series FM transmitter and the Harris Neustar 5225. The continuous broadcast, which was received live using an antenna attached to the Philadelphia Convention Center roof, demonstrated the impact that 5.1 can bring to radio production.Powered by Neural Audio, the Harris Neustar 5225 Downmix and Upmix is a platform-agnostic appliance employing Neural''s proprietary 2-D downmixing and N-channel rendering technologies. The 5225 allows for capture, creation, storage, editing, mixing, monitoring and transmission of 5.1 and stereo content within a common stereo infrastructure. Its offers backward and forward compatibility to allow analog, digital, lossy, linear, stereo and 5.1 content to interoperate within the existing stereo broadcast environment.Product PeeksAudion Laboratories Voxpro Version 4.0
    This latest version includes an overhaul of the file format, networking protocols, and the way user accounts and settings are maintained. New features include a 100X zoom that allows quick exact editing; markers to mark while recording or playing back. Voxpro shows a floating window with time line position and marker titles. Right clicking a title allows note editing and auto play form the marker; and automatic gain control and a peak program VU meter with a 72dB range. The workstations connected to your station's LAN automatically detect each other and stay connected, allowing users to access their password protected accounts from any Voxpro workstation. The unit can import and edit all formats including MP3. Record the host in one channel, the caller in another and play back in stereo or mono.Broadcast Electronics AV Logger
    BE has created a new audio capture and archiving module for its Audiovault digital audio system. The AV Logger is capable of recording multiple audio feeds from a wide range of sources at a variety of bit rates, and provides file markers for logging events such as the opening or closing of a microphone. It can be configured to record multiple sources at once, or record audio inputs independently to capture left and right channels separately at differing bit rates. The AV Logger module can be integrated with any Audiovault system in the field, or can be purchased as a stand-alone Traffic One
    Traffic One offers radio stations the ability to provide their site visitors with up-to-the-minute traffic information and personalization services and it resides directly on the station's website.BE Now Playing, Now Playing Plus Upgrade
    Three new features have been added to BE's Now Playing and Now Playing Plus text management studio applications. A Live CD module for instant CD song title and artist text retrieval, and display over the air along with the song in real time. With News Flash Pro, on-air announcers can compose instant messages from the control room for transmission over RDS, HD Radio and Internet streaming applications. The Live Data module can be used by broadcasters for accessing and incorporating text readouts from third-party organizations, such as the NOAA weather service and You could have received the headlines for these articles weekly in your e-mail if you had subscribed to the NAB Radio Update e-newsletter from Radio magazine. Radio magazine also brings you the NAB Insider for the NAB convnetion in the spring. You can subscribe for this e-mail newsletter as well.
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