NAB Requests Inquiry into Satellite Radio FCC Violations

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NAB Requests Inquiry into Satellite Radio FCC Violations

May 25, 2007 10:55 AM

Washington - May 24, 2007 - In the latest chapter of the National Association of Broadcasters witch hunt against satellite radio, the NAB sent a letter to the FCC responding to XM and Sirius's objection to the NAB's Freedom of Information Act request for information related to the satellite radio companies' violations of FCC rules governing FM modulators and terrestrial repeaters.

The NAB states that there is a "compelling public interest" in having access to information with a direct bearing on the pending XM/Sirius merger application. The NAB wants to see the FCC records that will detail the scope, nature and degree of the sat radio violations.

One familiar example of a violation was brought to light recently when Sirius admitted requesting manufacturers produce Sirius radios that operated beyond the interference regulations set by the FCC. This followed a study that showed that several wireless devices commonly used to transmit audio signals from satellite radio devices and MP3 players to in-dash car radio exceeded FCC field strength limits.

Another satellite radio violation deals with the operation of the terrestrial repeater stations operated by both services.

Most people will agree that if FCC rules are not being adhered to that the violator must account for his actions. In the case of satellite radio, the NAB has taken a particularly aggressive stance. One might wonder if the NAB would take the same position against an NAB member.