NASB Celebrates 25th Anniversary at Annual Meeting

Meeting will take place in Washington from May 21-22
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WASHINGTON�In celebration of its 25th�anniversary in 2015, the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters has a full slate for its upcoming annual meeting. Held at the Radio Free Asia headquarters in Washington, the NASB Annual Meeting will focus on many of the organizations current issues as well as offer a look back at its history thus far.

The two-day event will begin May 21 and will feature opening remarks from both Radio Free Asia President Libby Liu and NASB President Brady Murray. A number of presentations will follow, including an update from Tom Lucey of the FCC�s International Bureau, recap of the recent High Frequency Coordination Conference in Oman and a presentation from former NASB President Doug Garlinger on the NASB�s 25 years.

The second day, May 22, will begin with what NASB Secretary-Treasurer Jeff White considers to be one of the hot topics of the meeting, an update on DRM, as many shortwave broadcasters hope to use DRM to eventually convert to digital. Day two will also include the NASB Business meeting where among the topics of discussion will be the location for the 2016 meetings, updating the NASB website, a possible NASB shortwave listeners conference in conjunction with the upcoming HFCC in Australia, and the election of a Board member to replace Brady Murray, as he has served his two consecutive terms as part of the board.

Though government shortwave stations have decreased since the NASB�s formation in 1990, White says private stations continue to remain strong and that is a message that NASB hopes to reaffirm during its meeting.

�There�s a lot of talk of shortwave dying� we know it isn�t,� said White. �So one of the big topics is how to promote shortwave and let people know that it exists. It isn�t something that�s very much used in the United States, but is in many other parts of the world, so many of us would like to make it known in this part of the world as well.�

Registration for the NASB annual meeting is free and can be done online here.�