Nationwide DAB System Takes to Air Across Germany

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Nationwide DAB System Takes to Air Across Germany

Aug 2, 2011 1:15 PM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB

Berlin - Aug 1, 2011 - The new nationwide digital broadcasting system for Germany went on the air today. Some 27 multiplex transmitters were turned on, providing coverage to all major cities and over all major Autobahns. Indoor and outdoor coverage is estimated to be 95 percent across the cities that were engaged, encompassing some 40 million citizens.

The national digital radio project office was set up to coordinate the efforts of ARD (association of public broadcasters), Deutschlandradio (national public broadcaster) and Digital Radio Deutschland (DRD - representing a consortium of private broadcasters) in the nationwide launch of digital radio. The goal of all parties is to establish digital radio as the radio of the future. The launch of digital radio in Germany is supported by receiver manufacturers from Europe and around the world, including Pure, Sony, Philips, Roberts, Panasonic, Enspert, Dual, Tivoli and more. The German automotive sector is supportive of the launch of new digital radio and with more than 10 percent of all radio listening taking place in the car, this is significant for the German digital radio industry. In-car digital radio enhances the offering to automotive customers and continues to ensure that customers receive the best quality audio and multi-media radio.

Germany has joined an increasing number of countries now implementing digital radio as their national standard including the UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Malta, Hungary, the Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

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