NDS Provides Conditional Access for HD Radio

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NDS Provides Conditional Access for HD Radio

Apr 16, 2007 10:54 AM

Las Vegas - Apr 16, 2007 - NDS has debuted NDS Radioguard, the first conditional access system for HD Radio. With the announcement of the product comes the news that NDS Radioguard has been chosen by Ibiquity to protect digital content transmitted over HD Radio. Ibiquity will embed the NDS technology into its chipsets moving forward.

NDS Radioguard in the HD Radio chipsets will allow broadcasters to offer pay-per-listen options for live concerts and events, opt-in events sponsored by advertisers and private channels for specific needs.

The conditional access system is used to scramble the signal and then entitle specific receivers to decode that signal. To do this, all HD Radio receivers will need to be addressable, which is a step that it now being implemented for future receivers. The decoding capability is being introduced in two steps. By September 2007, NDS will have a security chip available that will add the access capability to the existing HD Radio chipset. By April 2008, NDS and Ibiquity expect to have the capability imbedded within the HD Radio chipset.

The system has undergone field trials that were transmitted via WUSF-FM, Tampa, FL. The tests began on March 18 and were a cooperative effort between the station, the International Association of Audio Information Services, Ibiquity, Harris and NPR Labs. According to NDS, the tests went well and showed that receivers could be entitled to receive the reading service for the blind programming.

NDS technology is currently in use in more than 70 million TV set-top boxes around the world. This technology has been adapted into Radioguard.

NDS is exhibiting in booth N7137 at NAB2007, and the system will also be shown in the Broadcast Electronics and Harris booths.