Neutrik Adds Signature Hologram to Thwart Counterfeiters

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Neutrik Adds Signature Hologram to Thwart Counterfeiters

Jun 2, 2008 3:35 PM

Las Vegas, NV - Jun 2, 2008 - Neutrik continues its fight against counterfeiting by identifying its products with a unique hologram of the Neutrik name and logo. In addition to the hologram on its products, Neutrik also includes an authenticity seal on its individual and carton packaging. Neutrik will display the new labeling at Infocomm.

Counterfeit products can be damaging to any company's reputation when users find inferior performance from what was thought to be a premium product. Because fake components are made of lower-grade materials, connections may not be secure, and can lead to a loss in audio quality.

In addition to the recent anti-counterfeit actions in Asia, Neutrik continues to protect its intellectual properties across the globe. To avoid unauthorized exports of Neutrik products from the U.S. to Europe, all shipments are specially marked on the individual packing and the carton packages "designed and manufactured for the U.S. market." If products with this mark appear outside the U.S., Neutrik is asking its customers to inform them, so the company can take appropriate actions.