Never Mind the Strap, Take the Whole Tower

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Never Mind the Strap, Take the Whole Tower

Sep 10, 2008 9:01 AM

Windber, PA - Sep 9, 2008 - WJAC-TV reports that scrap metal thieves have reached a new low in heights. While metal theft continues to be a problem, thieves in Windber, PA, a town near Johnstown, took a big haul. According to the WJAC article, the police believe the thieves had a very thorough plan to get all 120 feet of steel and copper down from the old radio tower.

In addition to the tower, a 300-pound electrical transformer that was still energized was also taken.

While the tower was not being used, WJAC reports that the owner was in discussions to lease the tower site for wireless Internet.

Read more and see video at this link.