New FM Translator Auction Site Launches

More than 25 translators available with Dec. 2 auction
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DALLAS�Starting off with an auction of more than 25 FM Translators, the new is designed to facilitate the new FCC Rulemaking that allows broadcasters to relocate an existing FM translator through filing.

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The debut auction will take on Wednesday, Dec. 2 from 9 a.m. CST to 5 p.m. CST and will allow any station owner with a Class C or D AM station to purchase and relocate any existing commercial brand FM translator within a 250-mile radius for the purpose of simulcasting their current AM station location. All translators available in the auction can be relocated to cover all or parts of 22 states. shows the relocation area available for each translator at �Buy Now� prices. The site offers a transparent bidding process with standardized rules and terms.

First Ventures Capital Partner, Inc., owns all of the translators that are being auctioned.

The site is currently in preview mode, with �Buy Now� prices currently in effect. Interested AM broadcasters can pre-register for bidding�

Image: iStockphoto/pagadesign