New HD Radio Alliance Campaign Lifts Off in June 2009

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New HD Radio Alliance Campaign Lifts Off in June 2009

Jul 1, 2009 10:00 AM, By Mark Krieger

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The latest iteration of an ongoing promotional campaign designed to boost consumer interest in HD Radio technology is slated to launch June 29, 2009, says a press release from the HD Radio Alliance.

The creative center point of this latest blitz is a fictional character named Jean Luc Tuner, described as a "soon to be infamous radio airwave explorer, discovering the beauty of upgrading to HD Radio technology -- more stations for free!" The humor/information theme spots will continue to use the current tagline: "If you don't have an HD Radio, you're not hearing HD Radio," which seeks to reduce widespread consumer misperception about the nature of HD Radio.

The spots will run through Sept. 25, on 600 stations belonging to 10 U.S. radio groups, all of which are members of the HD Radio Alliance.

Plans call for the spots to begin promoting portable/personal HD receivers as the new Microsoft Zune and a new dedicated HD Radio portable receiver reach the market this fall.

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