Newest Axia Partners: Adeuxi Activity and IP-Studio

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Newest Axia Partners: Adeuxi Activity and IP-Studio

Jan 7, 2008 3:29 PM

Cleveland - Jan 4, 2008 - French broadcast integrator and playout system provider Adeuxi Activity and its newly-inaugurated IP-Studio integration division are the newest additions to Axia Audio''s list of international partners. Adeuxi, of Le Bourget, France, has provided software and hardware systems for radio solutions in France since 1995, recently launching a new studio integration division, IP-Studio, whose goal is to "provide turnkey solutions for all digital broadcasting needs through the use of Axia IP-Audio technologies." As an Axia partner, IP-Studio will provide complete Axia IP-Audio networks, consoles and switching solutions for its clients; support for Axia IP-Audio networks is also included in the Adeuxi Activity audio delivery suite.

IP-Studio has already supplied Axia-powered studios to high-profile radio stations such as Radio Evasion FM, Beur FM, Radio Maritima, Paris-based satellite broadcaster Tropic FM, RTL Group local networks, and the Studio Ecole de France broadcasting school in Boulogne. More than 700 studios with Axia IP-Audio technology are now in use worldwide.