NextRadio + TagStation 2014 NAB Show Preview

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NextRadio + TagStation 2014 NAB Show Preview

Apr 1, 2014 10:14 AM

Excerpted from a post by The TagStation Team.

A year ago, we were getting ready to premier NextRadio at the 2013 NAB Show. We had no commercial product yet, a carrier deal too young to even mention out loud, and only a handful of people on board. What was encouraging then is that the folks who came by our booth and tried the app loved what they saw. We spent a good deal of time in that booth explaining that this wasn''t a streaming service � that our focus was bringing the literal FM broadcast to the smartphone � and that the success of the app and next steps depended on their participation.

Fast forward to today. The Sprint deal has introduced several commercially available NextRadio-enabled phones to the marketplace with many more on the way, and the industry has come together in an extraordinary show of support. Usage is on the rise, and feedback has been super. In a microcosm of things happening in traditional media, we think this is a pretty healthy pace. But the issue remains that the product still lacks much of the visual enhancement and interactivity a big marketing campaign would want to tout. Without that, awareness must rely on Sprint marketing, radio station promotions, industry advocates, and appearances like the NAB Show where we can put the product in front of people and generate that familiar excitement.

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