Nielsen: Radio listening at all-time High

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Nielsen: Radio listening at all-time High

Apr 29, 2014 4:05 PM

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According to a new study from Nielsen, radio consumption continues to increase; nearly 92 percent of all Americans 12 or older are tuning to radio in an average week. That's a record high 244.4 million of us.

The radio landscape is a diverse community of listeners fromevery corner of America, who reflect the same population trends of thecountry as a whole. Radio is one of the original mass mediums and asthe U.S. population grows and the makeup of our citizens change, radioaudiences follow suit.

Alongside the national growth headline, both African American andHispanic audiences have also reached a historic high with more than 71million tuning in each week.

Radio reaches more than 90 percent of nearly all African American and Hispanic demographic groups on a weekly basis. These multicultural listeners each spend more than 12 hours a week tuning to radio, making them some of the medium's most engaged listeners, in markets both large and small.