Norway's Digital Radio Listening Reaches Milestone

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Norway's Digital Radio Listening Reaches Milestone

Nov 7, 2014 9:04 AM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

OSLO� is reporting that 51% of radio listening across Norway is now by way of digital radio platforms. These 3rd quarter results, provided by the official measurement service of Digital Radio Norway (TNS Gallup) show an increase from the 47% indicated in the previous quarter.

Additionally, 52% of all households across Norway have access to a digital radio.

The 51% result surpasses the Government''s requirement that overall digital radio listening needs to exceed 50% prior to the �sun-setting'' of FM service there.

Results for the 3rd quarter draw Norway �one step closer'' to the actual shutdown scheduled for 2017. The 50% requirement is only one of 4 set down by the Government, and the Ministry of Culture will need to assess them as well. However, there are �strong indications'' that the other requirements are also being met, according to the CEO of Digital Radio Norway, J�rgen Torvmark.