November 2004 Contents Online

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November 2004 Contents Online

Nov 1, 2004 12:00 PM

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Featured headlines from the Currents Online in the October issue.

Indecency Proposals Die in Pre-election Scramble
The legislation, which would have exponentially increased the fines on broadcasters and performers for vaguely defined indecent acts, was stripped from a bill authorizing Defense Department operations in the final hours before the Congressional recess.

CGC Warns of Fraudulent Form 301 Applications
Some of these fake applications have been stamped "Accepted for Filing" and been assigned file numbers.

FBI Investigates Houston Transmitter Break-ins
Since this was reported, other cities have reported similar acts of vandalism.

FCC Issues Fine Against XEMO Broadcasts
The Communications Act of 1934 states that the transmission or delivery of broadcast programming from a facility in the United States to a foreign broadcast station for the purpose of that programming being received in the United States requires an application to and permit granted by the Commission.

Mark Mays Is New Clear Channel CEO
He had been Clear Channel's interim CEO since May. His father, Lowry Mays, relinquishes his CEO spot but remains chairman of Clear Channel.

FCC Auction 37 Bidders Confirmed
In a Public Notice, the FCC identified 456 applicants found to be qualified to bid in the upcoming auction for 288 FM broadcast construction permits, referred to as Auction 37.

Steinberg Updates Music Production Software
Cubase SL3 offers new features such as an Audio Warp engine that imports ACID files and time-stretching and pitch-shifting in real-time; and audio can now automatically follow a tempo set for a project in real-time.