NPR Announces Changes at Labs

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NPR Announces Changes at Labs

Jul 18, 2014 5:33 PM, Shane Toven, CBRE CBNT

WASHINGTON, DC - In a memo released to stations today, NPR leadership announced staffing and organizational changes at NPR Labs.

NPR Labs had previously been a separate R&D division within NPR, entirely self-funded through revenue from project contracts and grants. With these changes, the division will be funded internally through NPR's own budget and the Director of NPR Labs position will be eliminated.

The work of NPR Labs will continue as part of the Technology and Operations division. NPR Labs has conducted a considerable amount of research in areas including signal coverage, on channel boosters, audio encoding, loudness, and emergency alerting.

According to a representative from NPR: "This restructuring more closely connects the innovative tech thinkers and researchers of NPR Labs staff with those of our Technology and Operations staff and will bring their combined expertise to NPR''s technical ambitions. With this change, NPR Labs will now be funded out of NPR Inc.''s budget, rather than only through the grants and contracts that currently support its work. This move will help ensure the long-term success of the group. The mission and activities of NPR Labs will continue. The scope and ambitions of the contracts underway with NPR Labs will not change, and the group will remain an industry leader in R&D projects such as emergency alert messages for those who are deaf or hard of hearing."

The changes take effect as of August 1.