NPR Expands Westward Coverage

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NPR Expands Westward Coverage

Apr 24, 2002 12:00 PM

Washington DC - Apr 16, 2002 - NPR has purchased property in Culver City, CA, that will house the multimedia West Coast Production Center. NPR plans to begin occupying the 25,000 square-foot building at 9909 Jefferson Boulevard in September 2002.

NPR's expanded presence in the West will enable producers, editors and reporters to more thoroughly explore the cultural diversity and spirit of that region. NPR's reporting from the area will emphasize trends in culture, arts, entertainment, new media and music, and will examine the business side of the arts and entertainment industry. The center will boost NPR's reach to western audiences and communities, as well as strengthen NPR's connection to its member stations throughout the west that serve millions of listeners.

NPR continues to grow and now has 11 foreign bureaus and 19 domestic bureaus. The West Coast Production Center is the first large-scale production center NPR has established outside of Washington. As NPR's second largest facility, the center will also provide emergency backup to the network.