NRSC Subcommittees Will Meet at Fall Radio Show

Get updates on MDCL, hybrid IBOC and RDS
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ATLANTA�The three active National Radio Systems Committee subcommittees, which focus on details of AM and FM analog broadcasting, radio data system communications protocol and digital radio broadcasting, will provide updates and announcements when they meet at the Radio Show in Atlanta. The subcommittees will answer queries and share insights in a series of lectures and meetings.

The AM & FM Analog Broadcasting subcommittee and its Modulation-Dependent Carrier Level Working Group will report on hybrid IBOC transmission with use of modulation dependent carrier level algorithms at AM stations.�

The RDS subcommittee, through its RDS Usage Working Group, will showcase the work it has put in over the last year on NRSC-G300-B, the U.S. RDS standard. The subcommittee will update attendees on the next version of G300-C. They are evaluating new additions for a future revision of the September 2014�document; the group is also focused on expanding emergency alerts via RDS.�It will also�share information about the NPR Labs emergency alerting system, as well as discuss new use cases, such as the Global Security Systems� Alert FM platform and how that message portal can be used to transmit earthquake alerts via RDS.�Further, the group is working on improved program identification code assignments for translators. The group is also anticipating future additional work on the NRSC-G301 metadata standard.

The RDS subcommittee is also interfacing regularly with the European RDS forum as it looks at RDS 2.0. The NRSC, via NAB Senior Director of Advanced Engineering David Layer, was in attendance at the latest meeting of the European forum and is closely following its work. Dan Mansergh is chair of the RBDS subcommittee.

Likewise, the DRB subcommittee, via the IBOC Standards Development Working Group, will offer a report on a proposal advanced by Nautel for measuring AM IBOC transmission quality using modulation error ratio. The DRB subcommittee plans to report on the findings that surround this quality metric.�

The NRSC subcommittee meeting will dovetail with technical aspects of the convention, with sessions like �NAB Labs� Focus on Radio,� which will touch on AM all-digital testing, and MDCL and HD Radio compatibility.

Susan Ashworth contributed to this report.�