NTI Adds Functions to Minirator MR-Pro

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NTI Adds Functions to Minirator MR-Pro

Mar 4, 2008 12:25 PM

Liechtenstein - Feb 28, 2008 - NTI has extended the functions of the analog signal generator the MR-Pro by introducing the new firmware V2.01. Now Minirator MR-Pro measures the impedance and phase of the connected load and calculates the related power for 70V or 100V distributed loudspeaker systems. An enhanced cable test function and new test signals for amplifier and noise measurements are also added.

XLR-audio cables may be miswired in the soldering process or break during usage. The extended MR-Pro cable test function detects all common XLR wiring faults with a description to the user, such as "2-3 Crossed" or "Pin 2 open." This result gives accurate instructions for the repair of the cable.

Individual user test signals may be stored as uncompressed WAV files in the MR-Pro memory. NTI also offers WAV signals for this purpose. In addition, a set of 1/3 octave, narrow-band pink noise signals is available to measure the airborne noise isolation index. A set of square wave signals is also available for a quick diagnosis of amplifier behavior.

The new firmware is free of charge and available for download at the Minirator support website at support.nti-audio.com/mr2.