NTI Extends Minirator MR-Pro Capability

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NTI Extends Minirator MR-Pro Capability

Oct 8, 2008 10:41 AM

Beginning in fall 2008, new deliveries of MR-Pro will include extended mass storage RAM capacity of 512MB, allowing storage of 16 times more test signals. The extended memory capacity enables clients to store all their important audio test signals, audio announcement and favorite listening tracks of up to 80 minutes in the non-volatile memory. All earlier MR-Pro units can be factory upgraded with the new memory.

A new firmware version 2.10 has been released for the MR-PRO, offering compatibility with the Apple MAC OS versions 10.4 onwards running on G4/ G5 as well as on the new X86 architectures. Also, in response to customer feedback the impedance measurement of the MR-PRO now handles power calculations for 35V, 140V and 200V voltage distribution systems. This test of the calculated apparent power simplifies the load verification in distributed loudspeaker systems.

Along with the firmware V2.10, a WAV file set with sinusoidal subsonic frequencies between 1Hz and 10Hz is available for download. Each file generates a pure, low distortion sinusoidal waveform at a fixed frequency. With this set of wave files the MR-PRO serves as a signal stimulus for vibration sources.