NTP Technology Updates RCCore Router Control System

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NTP Technology Updates RCCore Router Control System

May 19, 2009 9:35 AM

Soborg, Denmark - May 19, 2009 - NTP Technology has released a major upgrade to its RCCore router control system. RCCore is a software application that handles configuration, control and supervision of all router modules in an NTP audio signal distribution system. It also forms a communication interface to NTP's VMC and Bliss control options and to third-party communication protocols.

RCCoreV3 expands the capabilities of NTP's audio routers and gives existing customers the option of updating equipment already in operation. It is based on the QNX Neutrino operating system. The new control software allows secure access via a virtual private network. Extended features include a plug-and-play retro-compatible database that can be held on the active controller and on standby controllers. RCCoreV3 can be used as a stand-alone controller within the NTP 635-300 router or run from standard PC hardware. It controls the router's dual-backbone interface and supports the double LAN interface on 625-800 frames. The feature set also includes future support for SNMP.

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