NXP Intros New HD Radio/DAB/DAB+/DRM Chip

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NXP Intros New HD Radio/DAB/DAB+/DRM Chip

Jan 12, 2014 10:06 PM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB

Eindhoven, The Netherlands - Jan 9, 2014 - NXP Semiconductors introduced a new multi-standard software-defined radio co-processor capable of decoding all three major digital terrestrial radio standards: Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), HD Radio and DAB/DAB+/T-DMB. The new SAF360x series enhances digital audio quality via features such as Maximum Ratio Combining for DAB and HD Radio, and scalability for single, dual and triple tuner use cases. The SAF360x platform also offers a high degree of integration, replacing up to six chips with a single IC and reducing the footprint of the automotive digital radio application by more than 75 percent.

By using a software-defined radio, the SAF360x series, like its predecessor the SAF356x, offers a cost-effective platform that allows the same hardware to be used to decode multiple standards. This same platform could also be used to support new digital radio standards that may emerge in the future.

Using NXP-proprietary software algorithms the chip provides fast DAB scanning and sync time, enhanced tuner sensitivity and seamless DAB-FM-DAB blending. For HD Radio, the chip also offers enhanced reception performance via MRC. The SAF360x can be used in a wide range of HD Radio applications, with a single low-cost tuner or up to three high-end tuner inputs. With the availability of three tuners, the SAF360x can be used to support HD Radio diversity reception, with background scanning or data services decoded from a second station in parallel. As the third-generation automotive HD Radio solution from NXP, the SAF360x also benefits from NXP's long-standing collaboration with iBiquity Digital.

With the SAF360x, NXP says it's the first semiconductor supplier to offer support for in-vehicle DRM reception. NXP has been involved in extensive field tests for DRM.

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