Omnia Celebrates 10 Years

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Omnia Celebrates 10 Years

Jan 30, 2007 10:37 AM

Cleveland - Jan 29, 2007 - Audio processing manufacturer Omnia is celebrating its 10th year of manufacturing the Omnia line of audio processors. Frank Foti, founder and president of Omnia began his career as a radio broadcast engineer in the Cleveland area, during which he developed his interest and skill with audio processing. When he worked for WHTZ-FM New York, he put his ideas into practice and created his first product in 1988.

That product, called the Vigilante, was Foti's enhancements and additions to an Aphex Domniator multiband limiter. The Vigilante became the core of processing chains at stations including Y-100 Miami, Eagle 106 Philadelphia, WMMS Cleveland and B-104 Baltimore. It's with the Vigilante that Foti founded his new company: Cutting Edge Technologies.

In 1992, Cutting Edge merged with Telos, and in 1999 Cutting Edge became Omnia. A range of processors helped form this legacy today: the Vigilante-FM, the Dividend, Unity 2000I and today the Omnia audio processing line:,,, Omnia.6, Omnia.5 (fm and am), Omnia.3 (fm, am, and net) and Omnia A/X.

Omnia will highlight its 10-year milestone at NAB2007.