Omnia.9 Now Supports AM and FM

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Omnia.9 Now Supports AM and FM

Aug 25, 2014 1:06 PM

CLEVELAND, OHIO�The Telos Alliance says the Omnia.9 Multi-Band Audio Processor now supports both FM and AM.

AM capability will be included in all Omnia.9 models shipping in September. The FM/AM upgrade is also available at no charge as a loyalty reward. The software download will be posted by September 1 at

Also available is the new Omnia.9 Dual Path (formerly Dual FM), which can process two entirely distinct program paths in combinations of FM+AM or FM+FM, and in AM simulcast environments can process for FM+FM+AM. The price has also been reduced from the cost of the original Dual FM.

All versions of Omnia.9 are available with optional HD-1, HD-2, and HD-3 processing, encoding and processing for streaming and RDS encoding for metadata.

Leif Claesson will be host a public webinar August 28 discussing the new features of Omnia.9. Registration can be completed online.